My Week In Podcasts: BLM, 911, Race Relations and more…

Welcome to another Podcast Saturday! This week, I am sharing my “The Things I Think About” podcasts as well as other great podcasts from the Freedom First Network – the podcast home of patriotism. Enjoy.

Ghettos for thee but not for Me

Here’s a quote from the NY Post, “As protests broke out across the country in the name of Black Lives Matter, the group’s co-founder went on a real estate buying binge, snagging four high-end homes for $3.2 million in the US alone, according to property records.” When this inconvenient fact hit the tabloids there were accusations of fraud and calls for an investigation into her finances by one of the BLM leaders. As shocking as this all is (I’m shocked. #sarcasm), this news will not hit the critical mass that it should. Indeed, it will all be forgotten and in the very near future. I’ll explain why in this episode. 

911 is a joke!

What happens when a city decides not to prosecute crimes? Specifically, crimes like drug possession, prostitution and defecating in public? Chances are people will stop calling the police since they know help will not be forthcoming. So, when 911 calls go down is that really proof that not prosecuting those crimes is resulting in less crimes. Umm… NO! But, that won’t stop cities like Baltimore and Los Angeles from doing it. Tune in to hear me rant on the issue. 

SURVEY: Race Relations Worse Under Biden than Trump

To quote Washington Examiner, “According to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, this one on the George Floyd murder trial of a white Minneapolis police officer, 40% of likely voters said race relations have deteriorated under Biden. About 3% of respondents said they see no change, and 22% said they are better.”

When I read that I wondered how race relations are measured in our country. Typically, there is a survey or poll of some kind, followed by opinion. It occurred to me that if someone really wanted to know the state of race relations in the USA, three data points would be undeniable: the rate of interracial marriages, interracial families and the rate of interracial adoption. What better measures could there be of total acceptance than that? I think it would be hard to find a more convincing argument. In this episode, I share stats on what I found. 


  • Should Big Tech be liable if the concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines turn out to be true? – There are a lot of valid concerns regarding the COVID-19 vaccines that have been rolling out, yet the Big Tech and Social Media companies have been censoring anyone that happens to raise those concerns. Content creators are expected to only promote the mainstream narrative that they are perfectly safe, despite the fact that there are no FDA-approved vaccines to prevent COVID-19 and the ones on the market have not been tested. If it turns out that our concerns are true, should these tech companies be held responsible for keeping this information away from the American people?
  • David Rubin says Americans need to oppose BLM rhetoric and support the traditional family – The former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel, joined us again on the NOQ Report to discuss things happening with Iran after the crippling of their Natanz nuclear facility. He also discussed the state of the election process in Israel. Finally, he noted how in his latest book, he believes Americans need to refocus on the traditional family.
  • Are all of these shootings coming now to push gun control? – Today, The Two Mikes flew solo and discussed a range of the current problems in the United States. We opened with yet another shooting in Orange County, CA, which killed four. We concluded that the Democrats, and their FBI and other violent allies, appear intent on killing as many innocent Americans as needed to pass their gun control laws.
  • Dr Erwin Lutzer: What is cancelled today will be criminalized tomorrow – Cultural Marxism has been systematically destroying every single thing that makes America great, including the Christian Church. We are seeing the natural result of this ideology both in the Democrat platform as well as the rioting and unrest in the streets. This ideology has led to the cancelling of anyone that gets in the way of the Left. Dr Erwin Lutzer’s new book We Will Not Be Silenced” confronts this evil ideology that is threatening to destroy the very fabric that holds our nation together.
  • Bob & Eric Save America, Ep 35 – Bob and Eric discuss the rampant violence in Biden’s America, as well as the Georgia Voting Law and the response of corporate America. Special guests Rebecca Horvath and Rose Taylor of the “Patriot Housewives” Podcast join the show to discuss the Derek Chauvin Trial, the Border Crisis, and more.

Have a great weekend! See you Monday. 😉

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