Twitter blocked my account. This is why.

So, today Twitter blocked my account. Below is the notice I received.

They said that I posted misleading and potentially harmful information. I offer that same information to you so you may decide for yourself. The website I linked to was COVID-19 early treatment legacy. Here is a quote from the website.

There have been 52 controlled studies of ivermectin for COVID-19, authored by 426 scientists, with 17,562 patients. Meta analysis shows a 81% improvement for early treatment, relative risk 0.19 [0.09-0.38].

There have been 233 controlled studies of HCQ for COVID-19, authored by 3,721 scientists, with 359,815 patients. Meta analysis shows a 65% improvement for early treatment, relative risk 0.35 [0.25-0.50] (HCQ is not effective when used too late).

Many other early treatments are effective, for example vitamin D and bamlanivimab (LY-CoV555). Using multiple treatments, especially with different mechanisms of action, is likely to further reduce deaths.

Deeper in the site are links to studies that promote prevention over vaccinations. One of the pages links to a database of all vitamin D COVID-19 studies. The summary of those results is intriguing, to say the least.

That study, along with other studies by scientists (not conspiracy theorists, but actual scientists) points to a narrative that competes with getting vaccinated. To me, it suggests that preventative measures could be as effective if not more than getting vaccinated. I am not a doctor, nor am I an epidemiologist, so do not listen to my scientific advice. I bring this to light for one reason. Twitter is not a scientific research entity. So, what gives them the authority to cancel the kind of information I shared? Again, the data I shared is from bonafide scientists and not conspiracy theorists. Here is the obvious…

Twitter is not fighting misinformation.

Twitter is protecting a narrative that vaccines are the only way to fight Covid.

Twitter will not tolerate a contrary opinion.

So, what will I do?

I will delete my tweet and become active again on Twitter.

I will continue expressing my free speech and likely be blocked again.

In time, I may be banned indefinitely. That’s fine.

We have freedom of speech in America.

We will keep it as long as we fight for it.

I won’t stop fighting.

God bless America.

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