My Week In Podcasts: Racism is evil, Twitter locked me out and more…

Welcome to another Podcast Saturday! This week, I am sharing my “The Things I Think About” podcasts as well as other great podcasts from the Freedom First Network – the podcast home of patriotism. Enjoy.

The Things I Think About Podcast

Why You Should Never Apologize for Being White – Racism is never right, no matter the origin. Black people can be just as racist, if not more so, as the white people they complain about. Ironically, that type of racism is acceptable in the mainstream. I discuss the phenomenon in this episode.  Click here to read the article this podcast was based on.

Twitter blocked my account. This is why. – The other day Twitter locked me out of account for violating their rules. What did I share that Twitter found so detestable? Tune in to find out. Click here to read the article this podcast was based on.


  • The danger of the war on disinformation – The new buzzword among the Left is “disinformation.” The Elites are doing everything that they can to combat this supposed evil. While we should all should care about the truth, silencing and censoring speech you don’t like is not the answer. What is the solution? More speech. Right Speech.
  • Kris Kobach’s Alliance for Free Citizens is fighting Biden like conservatives once fought Obama – The eight years of President Obama’s reign were challenging for conservatives and tens of millions of Americans, but we made it through. Part of the reason is because we used proper tactics to prevent him from destroying the country. With Biden and radical Democrats in charge, Kris Kobach and the Alliance for Free Citizens hopes to take the same tactics from before and use them better.
  • Former mayor Robert Emmanuel Jacob wants to defund police. He was just arrested for child sex crimes. – Isn’t it funny how so many of the Cultural Marxists and anarcho-communists out there tend to be criminals themselves? That seems to be the case based on charges filed against Robert Emmanuel Jacob, the former Mayor of Sebastopol, California. He was arrested last week for child sex crimes.
  • Dr Lee Merritt: If you’re younger than 39 and get vaccinated, you are 260 times more likely to die from COVID-19 – It’s clear that the Mainstream Media and Big Tech are colluding to keep the truth about COVID-19 and the vaccines from the American people. They don’t believe that you have a right to make up your own mind about what is injected into your body. I asked Dr Lee Merritt to come on Freedom One-On-One to explain the truth about the Wuhan Virus and the vaccines… and it is more shocking and surprising than any of us realized.
  • Dr Erwin Lutzer: What is cancelled today will be criminalized tomorrow – Cultural Marxism has been systematically destroying every single thing that makes America great, including the Christian Church. We are seeing the natural result of this ideology both in the Democrat platform as well as the rioting and unrest in the streets. This ideology has led to the cancelling of anyone that gets in the way of the Left. Dr Erwin Lutzer’s new book We Will Not Be Silenced” confronts this evil ideology that is threatening to destroy the very fabric that holds our nation together.
  • The Left Takes Aim at Gun Control – Our nation is faced once again with mass shootings being brought to light in the media, and of course the Left immediate jumps on our second amendment rights, while the conservatives immediately jump to defending those rights. Although I believe those rights must be defended at all costs, I think the actual discussion regarding these acts of evil needs to be had. I understand that guns are used in mass shootings, but to think that without guns there would be no mass killings is nothing but ignorance on full display. In my personal opinion, if everyone was efficient at carrying a firearm and had it attached to them as teens do a cell phone, we would not only have a safer nation, but also a nation that showed more respect to one another.

That’s it for now! See you on Monday. 😉

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