A picture is worth a thousand words…

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There is so much going on in the world that its hard for me to limit it to my top 10 of the day but, I will try. These are the stories that made me shake my head in disgust, raise my eyebrows in amazement and sarcastically say… WOW.

1) A picture is worth a thousand words.

GHISLAINE Maxwell grins as Jeffrey Epstein and President Bill Clinton shake hands during a tour of the White House. Wow. Just… wow.

2) Get out Nazi!

Artur Pawlowski is a Polish Pastor in Canada who became well known for kicking police out of his church on Easter after calling them Nazi’s and Gestapo. How would your church handle this situation?

3) Inside the growing underground network of parents fighting ‘anti-racism’ in NYC schools

Until last summer, Harvey Goldman had no idea that his 9-year-old daughter was learning about George Floyd’s death and Black Lives Matter as well as her own “white privilege” at the $43,000-per-year Heschel School in Manhattan.

Now he’s part of an underground network of parents in NYC and around the country, many of whom are left-leaning, fighting what they believe is the undue focus on race by schools as part of the new “woke” culture.

P.S. Its not only destroying the kids, its affecting the Democratic party. Maybe as a result, it will stop? Still, I’m happy to see more people push back.

4) Food Prices Are About to Soar Right Alongside Gas and Electricity Costs

But warning bells are starting to be heard about another impending shortage of consumer goods and food staples as wholesale prices of certain raw materials used in a wide variety of food preparations have risen sharply over the past several weeks. This steady upward price pressure is coming at a time when many fragile economies around the world are not in a position to handle a sharp rise in the cost of food for their populations.

5) Would this be happening if violence was not endorsed so heavily by the left?

Tweet #1 – Violence in the airport

Tweet #2 – Violence at your home.

Tweet #3 – Violence where you eat.

The left is responsible for a lot of this but, not entirely. Most of this would disappear if there were more fathers in the home.

6) Umm… What’s a Blue Anon?

7) SCANDAL: Emails Show Democrat Election Officials Colluded with Tech Platforms to Censor Vote Fraud Intel

Umm… maybe this should have been #1.

Judicial Watch has obtained 540 pages of documents showing how the California secretary of state’s office demanded for tech giants to censor claims of fraud and irregularities. The tech giants happily complied with the orders in most cases, showing how the private and public sectors are colluding to enforce Big Brother controls against free speech.

Ghost in the machine, devil in the data. To illustrate computer crime, hacking, infiltration, the evil of the dark web, and many other negative sides of modern life, the internet, and technology. Who knows who is watching you online?

8) This is not satire. This is real.

This one from Zero Hedge.

The op-ed, penned by Sullivan Israel, shares that some UCLA students are claiming that automatic soap dispensers – yes, the things you find in restrooms that dole out soap without having to be touched – are racist. 

The basis for the claim is a student who says the dispensers “don’t see her hands” because of the color of her skin, The Blaze reported.

A second student said that the dispensers force “black and brown bodies” to show their palms — which are “the only light areas of the skin”. 

On the count of 3, let’s all roll our eyes. 1… 2… 3!

And while we are on the topic of racism, here are some interesting news reports on BLM. Report #1 – BLM turns against President Biden.

BLM Report #2 – And just in case you thought BLM donations all went to expensive mansions for the founders, there is now proof that the money also was spent on meetings at luxurious beach resorts.

A Los Angeles-based jail reform group led by BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors spent nearly $26,000 for “meetings” at a luxury Malibu beach resort in 2019, according to campaign finance records reviewed by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reform LA Jails dropped $10,179 for “meetings and appearances” at the Calamigos Guest Ranch and Beach Club in Malibu, California, and another $15,593 at the Malibu Conference Center, a corporate conference facility owned by the resort, according to the records, which covered the time period between July and September 2019. Guests at the 200-acre resort, where rooms start at $600 a night, have exclusive access to a private five-acre strip of the Malibu coast.

There is money and power in racism. That is why it will not go away.

9) Big Brother just stole what’s left of your privacy and you didn’t even notice

MarketWatch reports

The FBI has the authority right now to access privately owned computers without their owners’ knowledge or consent, and to delete software. It’s part of a government effort to contain the continuing attacks on corporate networks running Microsoft Exchange software, and it’s an unprecedented intrusion that’s raising legal questions about just how far the government can go.

10) Audit Watch

Raw Story reports on the audit of votes in Maricopa County, AZ.

Five months after the 2020 presidential election and three months into Joe Biden’s presidency, Republicans in the Arizona State Senate are using a Florida-based firm, Cyber Ninjas, to conduct an audit of votes in Maricopa County (which includes Phoenix). And attorneys for the company, according to the Arizona Republic, are asking a judge to keep its procedures for the audit secret and exclude the public and the media from a hearing where documents pertaining to the recount might be discussed.

The Arizona Republic’s Andrew Oxford reports that Judge Christopher Coury, on Friday, asked Cyber Ninjas to turn over its plans and procedures for the audit, but attorneys for the company said that filing the documents publicly would compromise the audit’s security. And Cyber Ninjas believe the documents enjoy legislative privilege because the company is conducting the audit at the request of the Arizona State Senate.

As you might have guessed, President Trump is keeping a VERY close eye on this development. He issued a statement that said

The Radical Left Democrat Party has gone absolutely INSANE in fighting the Forensic Audit of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, right now taking place in the Great State of Arizona. They sent a team of over 100 lawyers to try and stop it because they know what the result of the Arizona Senate sponsored audit will be—and it won’t be good for the Dems. The audit is independently run, with no advantage to either side, but the Democrats don’t want to hear anything about it because they know that they lost Arizona, and other scam election States, in a LANDSLIDE. They also know that the Arizona State Legislature approved virtually none of their many election requests, which is totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The people of Arizona are very angry, as are the people of our Country. If we can’t have free and fair elections, we don’t have a Country. The audit must continue. America deserves the TRUTH!

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