The Week in Podcasts: Digital Tattoos, Recruiting Tricks and more…

Happy Podcast Saturday! Sorry for the late email. Enjoy!

These are the podcasts I produced this week:

Special Report – Are Digital Tattoos the Mark of the Beast? – I had heard of the possibility of digital tattoos a while ago but did not think we were close to anything resembling the “mark of the beast” mentioned in the book of Revelations, that is, until I did some research and oh, boy! What I discovered made my jaw drop. So much so, I decided to go down the rabbit hole of online research and here we are – a special report. CLICK HERE to read it or listen to the podcast version.

Happy 50th Episode! (More or less) – Original air date: February 24, 2007 – Jim Stroud and Karen Mattonen discuss slick recruiting tricks performed by Google, Microsoft and others, Y2K 2007 (Are you ready for it?), Recruiting Pet Peeves, distributed workforces and did you know that this is our 50th podcast anniversary? (Neither did we) CLICK HERE to listen now.

More great podcasts from the Freedom First Network!

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