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Podcast – Can we trust the Trusted News Initiative?

A big thank you to my readers who keep me sending me interesting breadcrumbs to follow online because they lead to my more interesting rants. The latest curiosity presented to me was the Trusted News Initiative (TNI). Who are they? I had no idea before today, but now I wish I knew less about this radical bunch motivated by hubris. Tune in for the details of a powerful group dedicated to censorship for the greater good. | Click here to listen to this podcast.

Podcast – Lies, Discouraged Workers and “H1-B Only” Jobs

Original air date: June 11, 2008 – Karen is ecstatic when she is right and Jim can only grin and bear it. Did you know that there was a minimum wage for IT Workers? (Jim didn’t know either.) Want a government spanking? Advertise a job for H1-B candidates only. (Duh! What were they thinking?) Fussing, fighting and general bickering occurs between Karen and Jim, but how is that different from all of our shows? Plus, belated birthday wishes for Jim. Hear it all now on – The Recruiters Lounge podcast. | Click here to listen to this podcast.

More great podcasts!

  • The Faucian Bargain: How cultish devotion to one man’s direction is destroying America – Dr. Anthony Fauci may be the biggest fraud in modern American history. His direction has guided American policy even when that direction changes constantly. On this episode of NOQ Report, we talked to Todd Erzen, co-author of the book “Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History.”
  • Immigration attorney wants asylum seekers to be able to apply from their home country – When we booked attorney Renata Castro on the NOQ Report, we expected there to be plenty of arguments. What we found was disagreement on some topics but room for discussion on others. One in particular was reforming asylum laws, with which we agreed.
  • Two Mike discuss the absolute cruelty of Joseph Biden – Today The Two MIkes scratched their itch to rant on a number of issues, while throwing in a few detailed, real-life examples on which their rants were based. Politics and not-intended to be won wars wars on Islamists, drugs, and poverty were covered, as were the absolute cruelty of Biden as shown by his apparently eager willingness to let enormous amounts of fentanyl flood the country, and Colonel Mike’s dissection of that odorous, two-faced wretch named George W. Bush. A couple of old men enjoyed the conversation, you might too.
  • Bishop Robert E. Smith: If you support a ministry that’s now pushing vaccines, ask for your money back – Today, The Two Mikes had the pleasure of speaking again with Bishop Robert Smith. Colonel Mike started the discussion by asking the Bishop what could possibly cause the great breadth and depth of sinfulness, and even depravity, that seems to be engulfing the United States, and how can that trend be reversed. 
  • The danger of the war on disinformation – The new buzzword among the Left is “disinformation.” The Elites are doing everything that they can to combat this supposed evil. While we should all should care about the truth, silencing and censoring speech you don’t like is not the answer. What is the solution? More speech. Right Speech.

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