I was guest on the news program – “The Nation Speaks”

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Hello, how was your weekend? Mine was fun because I was able to impress my mother by being on the news program – “The Nation Speaks.” (A product of The Epoch Times.) I discussed the scourge of Corporate America which is critical race theory being taught under the umbrella of “racial sensitivity” or “diversity training.”

I said a LOT but fortunately, they cut out my long-winded diatribes and just left the more coherent bits for the public to view. (Whew!) If you have a subscription to The Epoch Times, you can watch it here. If you do not have a subscription but want to know the details anyway, click here to read an archived article with my comments.

After the interview, I thought of a million things I could have said, should have said, but was too nervous to say at the time. (At the very least, I could have smiled more. Ugh!) In my next newsletter, I will share those thoughts. For now, this is all you get. More soon.

Jim Stroud

P.S. If you are totally clueless about critical race theory, click here.

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