A Wildly Misleading CDC Number

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A Wildly Misleading CDC Number

Check out this quote from The New York Times, of all places.

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidelines last month for mask wearing, it announced that “less than 10 percent” of Covid-19 transmission was occurring outdoors. Media organizations repeated the statistic, and it quickly became a standard description of the frequency of outdoor transmission.

But the number is almost certainly misleading…

…That benchmark “seems to be a huge exaggeration,” as Dr. Muge Cevik, a virologist at the University of St. Andrews, said. In truth, the share of transmission that has occurred outdoors seems to be below 1 percent and may be below 0.1 percent, multiple epidemiologists told me. The rare outdoor transmission that has happened almost all seems to have involved crowded places or close conversation.

Add that to the good news column. In the bad news column, cite “black fungus” infections developing in recovered patients’ brains and rare nerve disorders and the very real possibility that the man behind the pandemic (at least in part) is Dr. Fauci. There have been several media stories demanding Fauci be held accountable; most notably, this report from Tucker Carlson.

What happened to my body, my choice?

The Epoch Times reports that 2.4 Million US College Students Face Vaccine Mandate, Immune or Not.

More than 180 college and university campuses across the United States are requiring more than 2.4 million students to produce proof of vaccination against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus to attend in-person classes this fall, regardless of whether the students have acquired immunity to the virus.

Columbia University in Manhattan, New York City on May 10, 2021. (Samira Bouaou/The Epoch Times)

Is it wrong to ask these questions? (Some people think so as others have even more.)

And one other virus worry, was it all planned? If so, is Covid-19 a natural virus or a bio-weapon?


The Coronavirus may be the biggest story going on these days but its not the ONLY story worth citing, not by a long shot. Here are a few more things that will make you go, hmmm…

This headline speaks for itself… wow.

Click here to read the full story yourself.

Israel is under attack. Thank God for the Iron Dome.

Standing up against CRT! Love it.

Click here to watch this video.

Gone, but not forgotten.

The words ‘Black Lives Matter’ have been paved over on DC’s 16th St north of the White House. I fully expect it to return as the 2022 mid-term elections are coming very soon. As such, I predict a grander design to be rolled out soon; maybe with lights and floral accents. Stay tuned.

Gas up while you can!

And I will wrap this issue by telling my friends in GA, NC, VA and FL to gas up while you can. This headline explains why.

At midnight on May 12, 2021, this was the trend on gas shortages

The panic buying on gas has hit new levels of insanity, as indicative of the tweet below. As you watch it, remember, just say no to drugs.

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