Who would you trust to defend you?

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The purpose of any country’s standing military forces is to defend that country from real or potential threats, both internal and external. An army is specifically intended for land-based warfare. In light of that, there are certain expectations to be met.

Quite recently, the internet has been buzzing about recruitment videos that have gone viral. Below are links to the videos along with comments and quotes which I hope you will take into consideration when asked, “Who would you trust to defend you in times of war?

Okay, here is the first one.

Viral CIA Recruitment Video Features “Cisgender Millennial” Who Says “I Am Unapologetically Me”

  • YouTube comment: “She says she is not a box checking exercise while checking all of the boxes of her Identity.”
  • YouTube comment: “I have generalized anxiety disorder.” So you get a high stress job like the CIA? I have a fear of flying. Maybe I should go work for Delta as a pilot.
  • YouTube comment: “If this is the future of the CIA, I guess I should start learning another language.”
  • YouTube comment: “Just what our intelligence agency needs: Me, Me, Me, Me…it’s all about self-absorbed Me. She said NOTHING about the country and people she has sworn to protect and serve.”

Click here to watch this video.

And another…

Woke Army Recruitment Video

  • YouTube comment: “Biden, you’ll face God someday.”
  • YouTube comment: “Our enemies will sleep better at night after seeing this.”
  • YouTube comment: “The army sounds so inclusive and diverse! I want to be in the army now. Where do we go if a war actually starts? Is there a safe space?”
  • YouTube comment: “5% about military 95% about Woke proponganda”

Click here to watch this video.

And while this one was not going viral recently, I am sharing it anyway.

Cub Scout Recruitment Video

  • Video Quotes: “We look for cute baby animals. We gather around the campfire and tell scary ghost stories. Nothing too scary, I promise.”

Click here to watch this video.

FYI: Cub Scouts allowed females to join them in 2017. Prior to that, they were male only as an offshoot of the Boy Scouts of America.

Now, let’s compare those videos with some recent viral videos from other countries, China for example.

Chinese Military Commercial 2019: “We Will Always Be Here”

  • YouTube comment: “The world respects one thing. The strong. Not the weak.”
  • YouTube comment: “Well we know they’re ready. Have they seen our little girl with two moms?”
  • YouTube comment: “China making the USA look truly weak and pathetic. Anybody see that new US Army ad??”
  • YouTube comment: This is what the United States Military used to be, now we are in trouble.

Click here to watch this video.

And one more from Russia.

Russian Military Recruitment Video Embraces Dark Side

The video is in Russian and has no subtitles. The person who posted it gave this translation.

“This is … the first day of your new life. Here pain makes you stronger, scars are a daily occurrence … without an enemy there is no battle, and without a battle there is no victory. But in reality, the main enemy … is you, the you from yesterday.”

Click here to watch this video.

Does the new direction of our military (and even Cub Scouts who were traditionally male and loosely connected to the military) give you confidence of an assured victory in the next great war? Who would you prefer protecting you if war suddenly erupted? A WOKE military as characterized by the USA Army and CIA recruitment videos or the “toxic masculinity” displayed in the Chinese and Russian recruitment videos? Who are the soldiers you want on the front line protecting you, your family, your friends, your nation? Whichever type of soldier you choose is the type of soldier you deserve.

Sigh. No more words, for now. More tomorrow. In the meantime, click here.

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