The Week in Podcasts: Racism, Recruiting, Covid, Coverups and more…

Welcome to another Podcast Saturday, although a late one as I normally post much earlier in the day. Apologies. (I was dealing with some technical issues concerning.) Check out my latest below. Enjoy.

The Things I Think About Podcast

In this episode, I share the literal meaning of the word – ‘racism” and then share 3 news stories with you. At the conclusion of the podcast, I ask you if the stories I shared are examples of practiced racism. How you answer will give insight into whether or not you are a racist? Listen in and maybe learn something new about yourself.  Click here to listen to it now (as well as other podcasts in my archives).

The Retro Lounge

Original air date: March 28, 2009 – An interview with Jim Durbin about the Future of Contract Recruiting. How well did his predictions hold up in 2021? Tune in to find out. Also, download my free ebook – Racism Reimagined: How Critical Race Theory Imperils the American Workplace, Free Jim Stroud Blog. Click here to listen to this blast from the past!

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