The Week in Podcasts: Racism, Racism, Job Boards and more…

Welcome to another podcast Saturday! Here are the episodes I produced this week. Enjoy!

Who Is More Racist, Democrats or Republicans?

Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media, I found out that Hunter Biden is quite comfortable using the “N” word. The revelation made me wonder which political party is the most overtly racist? Well, I did a bit of research to find out. Tune in to see what I discovered. 

America is NOT a racist country (and I can prove it!)

A recent survey revealed that black people agree that race relations are worse under Biden than when trump was in office.  When I read that it  occurred to me that if someone really wanted to know the state of race relations in the USA, three data points would be undeniable: the rate of interracial marriages, interracial families and interracial adoptions. What better measures could there be of total acceptance than that? In this episode I share some very compelling stats.

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The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

An Interview with Rob McGovern, Founder Of CareerBuilder & CEO Of Market 10

Original air date – JUL 21, 2006 – Papa Got A Brand New Bag. Rob McGovern, founder of Careerbuilder, has a new venture – Market 10 and its pretty nifty. Rob tells Jim all about it in this podcast and Jim gave it a “thumbs up.” | Download my free ebook – “Racism Reimagined: How Critical Race Theory Imperils the American Workplace” | Click here to listen to this podcast.

More great podcasts from the Freedom First Network!

Freedom Squad: Dr Karlyn Borysenko, DeAnna Lorraine & Doni Anthony – Freedom Squad is a weekly show hosted by Jeff Dornik which brings a panel of freedom-loving conservatives together to discuss current events. Dr Karlyn Borysenko, DeAnna Lorraine and Doni Anthony come together to discuss the growing frustration with Donald Trump and the Republican Party. It feels like there’s no Conservative leader and no one knows what direction we are heading in.

Clay Clark: Why are the effective COVID-19 treatments being banned? – Clay Clark is the host of the Thrivetime Show Podcast and is also putting on the Health and Freedom Conference coming up in Tampa, FL, and Anaheim, CA. He joins this episode of Freedom One-On-One to discuss the truth behind COVID-19, the vaccines and why our government is banning legitimate treatments for this virus.

Dr. Richard Fisher and the China Threat – Today, The Two Mikes had the great good fortune of being able to speak about China with Dr. Richard Fisher, from the International Assessment and Strategy Center. Discussing the threat posed to America by China, Dr. Fisher noted that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime currently is “full itself” because it believes that it is successfully pushing the United States toward the abyss, and without firing a shot.

Dr. Shiva Shows Proof Government Circumvents First Amendment by ‘Laundering Censorship’ through Twitter – Former Senate candidate and inventor of Email Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai joined NOQ Report this week to discuss his lawsuit that includes Twitter. In the course of his case, he discovered some blockbuster information that ties government with censorship being perpetrated with Big Tech. THIS is the collusion that should be national news today.

Republicans are fighting Critical Race Theory in all the wrong ways... – Critical Race Theory is a serious issue that the Conservative Movement needs to confront head on. However, just attacking the concept itself without providing any solutions will never accomplish anything and will only bring more division… which is probably what a lot of the proponents of CRT actually want.


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