Aliens first, Americans second…

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Aliens first, Americans second…

2017 – 2021 (YTD) Stats on the U.S. Border Patrol Criminal Non-Citizen Arrests are as follows…

2016: 12,842 (Last year of the Obama Adminstration)

2017: 8.531 (Start of the Trump Administration)

2018: 6,698

2019: 4,269

2020: 2,438 (Last year of the Trump Administration)

Jan – May 2021: 6,918! (First year of the Biden Administration)

Despite the explosion of Criminal non-citizen arrests, this happened.

Disclaimer for the easily triggered: No, I am not saying that all non-citizens (aliens {b}) are criminals.

Parents are complaining about how their children are being educated.

And rightly so, reading, writing and arithmetic are too old fashioned these days.

It ain’t over until its over and baby, it ain’t over yet!

If you mention the 2020 Presidential election irregularities to Democrats, you will likely see eyes roll or mockery about conspiracy theories. If you ask Republicans, likely you will hear how the election was stolen and that Biden is an illegitimate President; in similar vein to what Hillary Clinton has said ad nauseum about President Trump. In politics, such rhetoric is to be expected by the winners and losers respectively. However, something different is happening now that is gaining traction by both sides of the political aisle, despite the best efforts of the mainstream media.

For details on 11 states reporting election irregularities, click here to read this very compelling article by RedState and another one by Rasmussen Reports which points out that 62% of Americans believe Voter ID laws do not discriminate. I totally agree with that view and have said so here.

Winter is coming…

Have you noticed how everything seems to be going up in price? Check out this quote from ZeroHedge and start storing your nuts for the winter.

Consumer price inflation is experiencing its most significant increases in decades. Yet, reported inflation does not capture the full scale and breadth of experienced inflation. I never thought the US would experience rampant inflation again, but based on the 1970s price measurement methods, the US experienced double-digit inflation in the past twelve months.

In May, the consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.6%, pushing the twelve-month increase to 5%, the most significant increase since 2008. Core CPI rose 0.7%, lifting the twelve-month increase to 3.8%, the largest increase in almost three decades. As substantial and broad as the gains in reported inflation are, it’s essential to the point that experienced inflation is significantly higher.

Coming soon to America?

Here is a quote from Yale Medicine that made me shudder.

Sheela Shenoi, MD, MPH, a Yale Medicine infectious diseases specialist, adds that even as COVID-19 cases are declining in the U.S., rates of infections and deaths are still high in other parts of the world. “I hesitate to say that we are approaching a post-COVID world when so many are still being ravaged by this virus,” she says. “If there is anything we should have learned in the past 16 months, it is that we are all interconnected; what happens in one part of the world affects everybody.”

Even if COVID-19 numbers start to plummet everywhere, doctors say it might be a good idea to consider wearing the masks that offered protection from SARS-CoV-2 to reduce transmission of other viruses, like seasonal flu and the common cold. Masks can also be used as a barrier against the pollen that causes those miserable seasonal allergies. 

I understand the reasoning behind the article but, it feels like some people want masks to be the new normal despite the minor and major long-term consequences.  If they win, I am concerned that America might adopt the model below.

Fauci or Yeadon: Who should you trust?

Whose medical advice are you trusting for your child’s safety? Dr. Anthony Fauci or Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Chief Science Officer and VP of Respiratory Disease Research for Pfizer. (Yeadon was also in charge of all of the Pfizer’s research and development.) I ask because Fauci is pushing the effort to vaccinate children against Covid-19. Yeadon has a different take. He warns that children are 50 times more likely to be killed by the covid vaccines than the virus itself.

Maybe Biden is the Russian agent?

In another case of biased mainstream media news coverage, is the silence around how Biden has been coddling Russia. Not too long ago, it was reported ad nauseum that Trump was a Russian agent; a puppet manipulated by Putin himself. At least, while Trump was in office. Once he was on the way out, the press changed their tune. CNN, no friend of President Trump at all, was quoted by Townhall as saying this…

On CNN’s “New Day” on New Year’s morning, the network’s Fareed Zakaria was asked how U.S. Russia policy under President Joe Biden might differ from policy under President Trump. “I think, in general, there isn’t going to be as much difference as people imagine,” Zakaria said. “The Biden folks are pretty tough on Russia, Iran, North Korea. You know, the dirty little secret about the Trump administration was that while Donald Trump clearly had a kind of soft spot for Putin, the Trump administration was pretty tough on the Russians. They armed Ukraine. They armed the Poles. They extended NATO operations and exercises in ways that even the Obama administration had not done. They maintained the sanctions. So I don’t think it will be that different.”

The dirty little secret? It was never a secret at all. All of the actions Zakaria listed were well-known public policy during the Trump years. Any of Zakaria’s colleagues, at CNN and in the press as a whole, might have cited them. But many instead chose to contribute to the media’s Russia hysteria that began even before the president was inaugurated and continued through the years of Trump-Russia special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Now flash forward to June 11, 2021 and I see this quote from Breitbart.

Since the inauguration of Joe Biden, the price of crude oil has risen 25 percent, from $53.24 per barrel to $70.91 as of this article’s publication.

“Russia is a gas station with a flag,” McFarland said. “Russia needs high energy prices — that’s its only export — and so by pushing the world price of oil down … and by making the United States the world’s major energy source, we were in a great position, but [Joe Biden] has reversed all of that.”

If Biden’s policies are clearly hurting America and benefiting Russia, where is the “Russia, Russia, Russia” outrage over Biden being a political pawn of Putin? Sigh. So much propaganda.

And one more thing…

In an earlier post, I mentioned how Black Lives Matter Co-Founder – Patrisse Khan-Cullors went on a real estate buying binge, snagging four high-end homes for $3.2 million in the US alone. After this became widely known, Cullors resigned her position, saying her departure had been pre-planned and not due to personal attacks. Well, the controversy of her purchases and related accusations of fraud have not curbed her critics external or internal to the BLM organization. To quote Newsmax

A growing number of BLM chapters are calling for accountability from the BLM Global Network amid reports of co-founder Patrisse Cullors’ lavish spending, including purchases of multiple homes totaling upward of $3 million, reports Fox News.

Cullors last month stepped down as BLM foundation executive director amid questions about her finances, though she denied that was the reason she was leaving.

The New York Post in April reported on Cullors’ purchase of four homes for $3.2 million, an article that prompted Hawk Newsome, head of BLM Greater New York City, to call for an independent investigation into the foundation’s finances.

Well, isn’t that interesting?

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