My Interview with Taylor Ealand

Since its inception, my Things I Think About podcast has been a series of monologues. I will continue in that tradition. However, starting today, I will be incorporating interviews and panel discussions on political, social and cultural issues as well. This is the first podcast in this new direction.

Today, I join Taylor Ealand for a completely unfiltered conversation on critical race theory, being conservative in California, my disdain for the mainstream media, the equality act, weaknesses inside the Republican Party, genderless bathrooms and more. Tune in for a VERY interesting chat with an up and coming superstar on the red horizon. | No doubt, you will want to hear more from Taylor Ealand. Find him at and look up “Contrarix” on your preferred podcast platform.

And while you’re at it…

Random comments from the podcast:

03:00 – My name is Taylor Ealand
05:30 – Is CRT the greatest threat to America or simply something to get over?
07:44 – Governor Newsome is conjuring up bread and circuses to distract people from his recount
10:05 – It was good that he was recalled because it forced him to talk to the people
12:06 – Within 6 hours of being arrested they were out on $0.00 bail
14:35 – What will stop CRT? Cultural shirt? Lawsuits? General embarrassment?
17:59 – So he thought Islam was the key to unifying the races
20:00 – Doctors with religious objections to abortion will be forced to perform the procedure
21:48 – I don’t see Joe Manchin voting against religion
23:47 – Republicans get mad at me all the time for saying that.
24:54 -My preferred pronouns are attack, heli and copter
25:32 – It honestly makes me ashamed of my country
27:53 – Her next initiative was a genderless bathroom

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