Trump Support = White Supremacy. Here is the proof.

For the record, voting for President Trump does not make one a racist. It is however, enough to classify you as a white supremacist in the eyes of the left. And once you are cited as a white supremacist, you become an unwitting pawn of the US government and politicians seeking money and (more) power. Does it sound like a crazy conspiracy theory? Consider the following…

Attorney General Merrick Garland declares that white supremacy is the greatest threat to our country today. (A claim I have refuted from time to time.)

The FBI stats do not support the claim that white supremacy is the greatest threat to our country. African Americans make up 13% of the population but commit three times the amount of crime in proportion to their population size.Why? I blame culture, lack of accountability and the consistent liberal policies of government. But, I digress.

So, am I saying that there are NO white racists in America? Certainly not, racism exists but America is not a racist country. White supremacist ideology is simply not at the level the left wants us to believe. As a result, they must manufacture it where they can and point to an imaginary boogie man when they cannot. Both aims are accomplished with Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Benny Johnson, star of “The Benny Report” on Newsmax, shared a series of Tweets that prove a nefarious agenda to indoctrinate students into believing CRT and then leverage that belief to denounce the right, specifically Trump supporters. Check out these tweets…

Look at what Iowa is teaching their students these days

Can you imagine the outcry if Trump said all Democrat children were racists?

Hmm… Now I understand better why the left pushes CRT so much in public schools. It all makes sense. Its a play for future political power without regard to how its dividing our country today.

And one more… (Believing we are all human is racist? Wow.)

The left says white supremacists are our biggest problem. (It is not.) They use CRT in schools (and in the military) to promote the narrative. As the narrative takes root, it is spun into gold. Check out this quote from a Feb 2021 news article on NBC News.

The Department of Homeland Security announced Thursday that it is allocating more than $1.8 billion in grants to state and local jurisdictions to protect against terrorism and other disasters, with at least $77 million going to protect specifically against domestic violent extremism.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the most significant terrorism threat now comes from “small groups of individuals who commit acts of violence motivated by domestic extremist ideological beliefs.”

“While we continue to lawfully protect against threats posed by foreign terrorist organizations, we also must ensure adequate focus and funding is provided to combat domestic terrorism, some of which is motivated by false narratives and extremist rhetoric spread through social media and other online platforms,” Mayorkas said in a statement.

Now you might be thinking that $77 Million dollars is a lot of money to fight a problem that is not as serious as the left wants us to believe. But on the other hand, you might be thinking that’s not enough money at all. If so, your thinking is in line with Attorney General Garland who is lobbying for even more. Here is a quote from the Washington Post [May 4, 2021].

Attorney General Merrick Garland on Tuesday will ask lawmakers to support his department’s request for more funding to help investigate and prosecute domestic terrorism and beef up civil rights enforcement, as he testifies on Capitol Hill for the first time as the country’s top law enforcement officer.

Appearing before a House Appropriations subcommittee about the Justice Department’s budget request, Garland will highlight proposals for a $45 million increase in funding for the FBI for domestic terrorism investigations, and a $40 million increase for U.S. attorneys to manage the ensuing caseloads, according to a written copy of his opening statement. He will also note that the department is seeking to increase civil rights funding by $33 million, according to the statement.

“From protecting voting rights to prosecuting hate crimes like those experienced by our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, DOJ’s civil rights work is critical to protecting the American dream,” Garland will say, according to a copy of his prepared remarks.

According to my racist math, that is $118 million dollars on top of the $75 million dollars awarded earlier this year to prosecute hate crimes, among other things. A grand total of $193 million dollars.

Hmm… Since white supremacy is not the threat its made out to be, what happens to the millions of dollars that will go unused? Will it be reallocated to other government programs? Will it be given back to the American people as a tax refund? (Hahahahaha… excuse me) Or, will it simply be put to use elsewhere without public accountability? Human nature being what it is, I am inclined to believe that. After all, it happens every day and more often than I want to know.

And another thing, even if the money is mismanaged, the spending of it has to be justified. So, how will they do that when there is not a mountain of white supremacy court cases to litigate? Simply put, those cases will have to be encouraged. How? Glad you asked! The Biden Administration are asking Americans to report their radical friends and family to the government in order to fight domestic terrorism (aka Trump supporters) before something bad happens. Here are a few quotes from a June 14, 2021 White House press briefing.

“This involves creating contexts in which those who are family members or friends or co-workers know that there are pathways and avenues to raise concerns and seek help for those who they have perceived to be radicalizing and potentially radicalizing towards violence.”

 “Any particular tech company often knows its own platform very well. But the government sees things — actually, threats of violence — across platforms. They see the relationship between online recruitment, radicalization, and violence in the physical world.”

 “This is a strategy that is agnostic as to political ideology or off the spectrum. What matters is when individuals take their political or other grievances and turn that — unacceptably, unlawfully — into violent action.”

 “We are investing many agencies of the government and resourcing them appropriately and asking our citizens to participate. Because, ultimately, this is really about homeland security being a responsibility of each citizen of our country to help us achieve.”

Quick recap because I have said a lot.

  1. White supremacy is not the threat in America the left makes it out to be.
  2. People who are Trump supporters are labeled as white supremacists.
  3. CRT is being used by the left to paint Republicans in general (and Trump supporters specifically) as white supremacists. As such, the white supremacy narrative helps to keep the left in power.
  4. The white supremacy narrative is a proven money maker for certain government agencies
  5. The government is encouraging people to snitch on their friends, family, co-workers who support radical right views (aka supporting Donald Trump)

The whole white supremacy narrative is all about money and power for the left.

Sigh. Wake up America.

Thank you!

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