The Week in Podcasts: China Profits from Evil, Youth of the Nation and more…

Well, I was certainly busy this week when it comes to producing great content for my supporters. I am producing more interviews as a host and podcast guest. Stay tuned for more goodies as well. And to all who filled out my survey, THANK YOU. And to those who have not but, plan to fill out my survey, thank you in advance. Okay, here are podcasts I have produced and recommend this week.


A New Kind Of Evil – Forced Human Organ Harvesting #CHINA

I thought that I had heard it all and nothing more could surprise me. And then, I had a chat with Mitchell Gerber who blew my mind when he informed me of a new kind of evil happening in China. Imagine if you would, finding human beings at their healthy peak then harvesting their organs while they are still alive. The motivation? Millions, upon millions, upon millions of dollars for the healthcare industry in China. How has this been allowed to continue for the past two decades or so? Why hasn’t the mainstream media been reporting this? How truly, truly evil is this? Tune in for a very intriguing conversation with an investigative reporter who has been on this story for 20 years. | Click here to listen for yourself and for even more related information.

And check my podcast archives to see what you have missed!

I was a guest on “The Youth of the Nation”

I was a guest on “The Youth of The Nation” podcast where I discussed Critical Race Theory, being a conservative black American and Kamala Harris’ activities in the White House. | Click here in case you missed it.  

I was a guest on “The Professor’s Record”

Actually, this appearance was from earlier this month. Not sure why I did not mention that in a previous post, maybe I did. Either way, bringing it to your attention now. In this video interview, I discuss my disdain for critical race theory and my journey to conservatism. Enjoy. | Click here to watch the video now.

And these are some podcasts I recommend, courtesy of The Freedom First Network!

Two Mikes celebrates 100 episodes of fighting for the America First Republic – Today, The Two Mikes spoke with J.D. Rucker, a founder of the Freedom First Network, and so is the boss of The Two Mikes. Mr. Rucker joined us today to mark the program’s 100th podcast. The program’s discussion focused on the evolution of the Two Mikes Show and the surprising success of a podcast that chose to offer only audio programming. The Mikes suggested that, in many ways, audio broadcasts tend to allow listeners to closely focus on the program’s content and not be distracted by a flashing video.

Chad Caton: The Republican Party needs a rebrand – Fresh off of Lin Wood’s campaign for South Carolina’s GOP Chairman, Chad Caton joins this episode of Freedom One-On-One to discuss how Conservatives have to change our focus if we are going to fix this mess America finds itself in. We can’t take on the Democrats with RINOs running the Republican Party. We’re going to have to fix the GOP first, and then take on the Globalist Dems.

Dems are pitting the RINOs against Marjorie Taylor Greene in an effort to manipulate them – The Democrats are calling on Kevin McCarthy to reign in Marjorie Taylor Greene, claiming that she’s a danger to their lives. They claim that her rhetoric will lead to a repeat of January 6th… despite the fact that it was organized by the FBI. Either way, this is a strategic move by the Dems to force the RINOs to either join them or fully embrace Team Trump’s America First Agenda.

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