VIDEO: America Is Moral. Socialism Is Evil.

VIDEO: America Is Moral. Socialism Is Evil.

WATCH! Over 1 million views and counting! The story of AMERICA – like you’ve never seen it before! In America’s founding principle—that man has the right to his own life—our nation is the only moral country in the history of the world. #StandForAmerica #iHeartAmerica

The Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do

On Independence Day, Biden said this.

Many Americans had a different viewpoint. Rather than cite them all, I offer this pithy rebuttal.

When Men were Men…

It was a different time then, for sure.

Done in the name of inclusion…

Disney’s move has been met with controversy.

Does the NY Times hate the American flag?

What does it say about the left (specifically, Democratic leadership) if they see the American flag and patriotism belonging exclusively to the right (specifically, Republicans and Trump supporters)?

“What was once a unifying symbol – there is a star on it for each state, after all – is now alienating to some, its stripes now fault lines between people who kneel while ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ plays and those for whom not pledging allegiance is an affront,” Nir wrote.

No freedom for blacks serving in Congress?

Do you know Cori Bush? She is a Democratic politician serving in the US Congress. The other day, one of her tweets went viral.

The backlash was nearly instantaneous from the right. Here are a few notable examples.

Your claim doesn’t make sense.

Hard work and opportunity trumps racism.

How much more “freedom” are you looking for?

Despite the backlash, she did have some support from the left. Most notably…

One last comment from me on the matter…

God bless America. Land that I love.

Black conservative says God bless America.

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