The Week In Podcasts: Freedom, Marxism and Race in America

This week I posted a new episode and made a guest appearance on another podcast. Hmm… I’m starting to get the hang of this podcast thing. If you like what I’m doing and want to experience more of my content, just reply back with a kind comment or send money. (Tips are always appreciated.) – Jim

Things I Think About Podcast

Are Black People Free in America? (An interview with “Tree of Logic”)

Are Black people free in America? If not, what enslaves them? Is it systemic racism? Is it political affiliation? Or is it a lack of cultural accountability? In this episode, Jim Stroud chats with “Tree,” the YouTube sensation from the show – Tree of Logic.

The conversation is lively and the topics ebb and flow around racism. For example, what determines true blackness in America? Just how rampant is liberal hypocrisy? What about “boogee” blacks in search of a struggle to identify with? And will racism ever go away when there is so much money and power to gain from it? The time flew by on this episode and as serious as the subject matter was, you could not tell from all the laughing. Tune in for a very, very interesting episode. 

Find “Tree” online:

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Marxist Lies and Race in America

I was a guest on blog Review podcast!

Podcast description: Join me with special guest, conservative blogger and patriot Mr. Jim Stroud. We’ll take a detailed look at what critical race theory really is, and why the Marxists and the far left are using it to destroy America.

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More great podcasts on the Freedom First Network

Dems are pitting the RINOs against Marjorie Taylor Greene in an effort to manipulate them – The Democrats are calling on Kevin McCarthy to reign in Marjorie Taylor Greene, claiming that she’s a danger to their lives. They claim that her rhetoric will lead to a repeat of January 6th… despite the fact that it was organized by the FBI. Either way, this is a strategic move by the Dems to force the RINOs to either join them or fully embrace Team Trump’s America First Agenda.

Dr. Shiva Shows Proof Government Circumvents First Amendment by ‘Laundering Censorship’ through Twitter – Former Senate candidate and inventor of Email Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai joined NOQ Report this week to discuss his lawsuit that includes Twitter. In the course of his case, he discovered some blockbuster information that ties government with censorship being perpetrated with Big Tech. THIS is the collusion that should be national news today.

Tom deSabla: We created China. We created the monster that’s now eating us. – Today, The Two Mikes finally got a chance to catch up with Tom deSabla on the economic mess the United States finds itself in, and China patiently licking its lips waiting for a chance to exploit the domestic U.S. economic, political, and civil disaster that is now unfolding.

Douglas V Gibbs: Donald Trump’s path back to the presidency – Many have been asking if there is any opportunity for President Donald Trump to reclaim the White House. Douglas V Gibbs, a Constitutional scholar, points out what he believes to be the most viable path to the presidency after the stolen election of 2020.

Tina Forte & Dr Cordie Williams, Ep 47 – Tina Forte joins the show to discuss her Congressional campaign to unseat AOC. Special guest cohost Dr. Cordie Williams.

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