The Political Theater of Election Audits

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I’ve been talking a lot and I mean a lot about election audits of the 2020 US Presidential election because it is a hot topic. The left does not want the right to count the receipts, so to speak, and audit everything to insure election integrity. They were of a different mind when the focus was on a Trump – Russia collusion narrative. After two years of investigation, that amounted to a witch hunt that the left still holds onto. (Although, they may have a very bad day coming soon.)

The left’s argument was that it was necessary to be as thorough as possible to alleviate any hint of impropriety. The matter was too serious for half-measures. Now, those same voices are crying conspiracy to derail our democracy when the same argument is being made against them. I’m not outraged by it. I expect it, especially as more counties, cities and states are pushing for more 2020 ballot reviews. Likewise, I expect the mainstream media to cry foul at every turn. The aim of course is to debunk any investigation because doing so means that you are a racist and an oppressor.

Take for example what Joy Reid promoted on MSNBC’s ReidOut. On the July 8, 2021 episode she, along with her guests – Kurt Bardella and Al Sharpton, said Republicans were actively working to steal elections and prevent all black people from voting. Reid further argued that Democrats were the only ones fighting to uphold democracy through policies including the “For the People Act.”

One of her guests – Kurt Bardella, summarized the groupthink with this…

It’s hard to believe, even though Joe Biden won, even though Democrats control the House and Senate, voting in America has gotten harder since that night and if Democrats need to understand that the way Republicans are going if they have their way if they’re allowed to do this unchecked, we will never have a fair election in this country ever again.

The comment about having a fair election is what the Republican effort has been about. Check everything then, check it again and make sure it was all legitimate. This is why I have no problem with Congressional Democrats launching a probe into the AZ 2020 election audit. The more eyes, the better.

But what will happen when or if, election fraud is proven? Will Donald Trump be escorted back into the White House and Biden unceremoniously escorted out? To the disappointment of many, no, that will not be the case. At least, not according to Jason Davis of the Don’t Tread on Liberty podcast. I interviewed him on my podcast because he has an unpopular view of election audits.

In a nutshell, Davis sees the AZ audit and others like it, as political theater. If fraud is indeed proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, Biden would still sit in the oval office unless certain Constitutional standards are met. As someone who lives in AZ and very active in the local politics there, his arguments had weight and I found them very intriguing. I think you will too.

And in other news…

I have not said anything about Cuba recently and that was a mistake. I support the Cuban people and hope that they get the freedom they are demanding and deserve. On that note, here is something I must address.

Check out this quote from National Review

In November of 2020, Joe Biden’s Havana-born nominee for Department of Homeland Security secretary, Ali Mayorkas, promised to “oversee the protection of all Americans and those who flee persecution in search of a better life for themselves and their loved ones.”Less than a year later, amid a popular uprising in Cuba, Mayorkas made a volte-face, telling those seeking refuge from Haiti and the communist nation, “You will not come to the United States. . . . Again, I repeat, do not risk your life attempting to enter the United States illegally. You will not come to the United States.”

As far as I can tell, there was no performative outrage from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or any of her progressive cohorts over the United States shutting its doors to the downtrodden. There are no overwrought analogies made between U.S. immigration policy and the MS St. Louis by Democrats. There is no grandstanding reading of “The New Colossus” from CNN hosts.

So, when I hear how the Biden administration is refusing Cubans asylum but allowing whosoever will through the southern border, I have to ask. What’s the difference? I thought about this for awhile before I realized the obvious answer. Most Cuban American voters identify as Republican. Here is a quote from PEW Research Center.

Nationwide, 58% of Cuban registered voters say they affiliate with or lean toward the Republican Party, while 38% identify with the Democratic Party or lean Democratic, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted July 27-Aug. 2. By comparison, around two-thirds of Hispanic voters who are not Cuban (65%) identify as or lean Democratic, while 32% affiliate with the Republican Party.

Why are Cubans overwhelmingly Republican? They hate socialism and likely would resist the encroaching Marxism invading America. In other words, Cuban refugees would likely not support the Democratic socialist agenda. Enough said.


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