Why the Left Rejects the “Big Steal” Theory

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(FYI: The Big Steal is the assertion that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from President Trump.)

Do you watch War Room on the Real America’s Voice network? Former New York City Mayor and Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani joined Steve Bannon to discuss the latest election integrity developments in Arizona. It was must see TV. Check out these comments from the show.

Steve Bannon: Mike Pence has flatlined his political career. You stood tall in the breach. Tell us, given where we started, where we are today with this now exploding all over the country, how do you think we’re doing and where do you think this heads?

Rudy Giuliani: Well, I think Arizona is going to be, you can’t really dispute it, the numbers and the categories are sufficient to really change the election. I mean we’re talking about at least 200,000, it’s probably going to be more, illegal votes, clearly illegal. You got 60,000 or 70,000 that we always thought were there, pieces of paper, that are not official paper. That’s going to be true in Georgia. That’s going to be true big-time in Pennsylvania.

But wait, that’s not all. Check out this quote from Conservative Brief.

Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston is calling for a forensic audit after the “explosive” revelations coming out of the battleground state.

In a letter sent to Fulton Elections Director Richard Barron, Ralston specifically called for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to investigate the possibility of fraud in the 2020 election.

Ralston cited the “mounting evidence” in Fulton County as the reason for the investigation.

And this is a story that I will be following up on, so stay tuned for an update. For now, here is a quote from The Gateway Pundit.

A lawsuit will be filed on Monday at 1:30 PM in the Henry County Superior Court contesting the certifications of Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock as the winners of the election for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seats.

There will be a press conference immediately following the court hearing in Henry County Georgia.

A court hearing will take place in Henry County Superior Court on Monday, July 19th at 1:30 pm ET regarding the U.S. Senate runoff election in Georgia, certified in January of 2021.

The lawsuit, brought by Atlanta resident Mike Daugherty contests the certifications of Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock as the winners of the election for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seats and seeks a new election conducted on paper ballots under Ga. Code 21–2‑334.

Click here to read the lawsuit for yourself.

When I post news like this or share it online, I can easily imagine the response from the left. Something akin to what The Washington Post reported recently.

Republicans have spent nearly seven months making bogus charges of fraud in the 2020 election under the banner of “stop the steal.” Now they have segued into a “start the steal” offensive to ensure that they will win the 2022 and 2024 elections — even if most voters once again support the Democratic Party.

See? Any talk of election irregularities is deemed bogus, despite mounting evidence. Methinks they protest too much and that a sure sign of confidence that the country wanted Biden over Trump would be to support the audits and recounts. As expected however, the left mocks people like My Pillow CEO – Mike Lindell as a conspiracy theorist for questioning the election results.

Curiously enough, in 2018, leading Democrats validated everything Mike Lindell said about voting machines being vulnerable to hackers. Were they labeled tinfoil hat wearing nuts? No. They were afforded liberal privilege which is, public support in the mainstream media due to their political leanings. Doubt me? Check out the video below. Video is forever.

Oh, the irony.

Oh, the hypocrisy.

Democratic leadership is WELL AWARE of the vulnerability of voter machines. Rather than pass laws to protect election integrity or at the very least, prohibit the voting machines from 2018 to be used in the future, they leveraged the same vulnerable voter machines for their own political advantage.

This is why the left rejects the “big lie” that the election was stolen from Trump or more importantly, could have been stolen from Trump and others (say, Republican Senate nominees in GA).

This is why the left mocks people who even question election integrity and seek to cancel them.

Simply put, it puts their political power in jeopardy. Of course, I could be wrong. I hope to be proven otherwise.


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