What is woke culture doing to our children?

I just had a delightful conversation with children’s author – Bracha Goetz. in our conversation we discussed her liberal upbringing and the events that caused her to become conservative. We also touched base on advice she would have given her younger self, when she was a very progressive activist. I also ask her to chime in on how Hasbro is promoting critical race theory with its products and how actions like it are affecting our children. If you want to feel inspired by a breath of fresh air, I highly suggest you tune into today’s episode. 


Bracha Goetz is not your typical Harvard  grad – she’s the author of 39 picture books that help children grow spiritually, inspiring each uniquely beautiful soul to shine. Her  books make life’s deepest concepts clear – in a delightfully simple way  – as children find big ideas in little words. Bracha Goetz can be  contacted for presentations at brachagoetzbooks@gmail.com. (BTW,  ever wonder why these bios are written in the “third person”? It’s so  it looks like she wasn’t the one writing this about herself – but she  really was! 🙂 Find Bracha Goetz on Amazon

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