Media Blackout: Millions are protesting pandemic lockdowns worldwide

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Back in April 26, 2021, Daily Mail posted these comments in an article.

I’ve never been on a protest march in my life.

They usually cause chaos for hardworking folk attempting to go about their day to day business and usually include smelly troublemakers who would be much better off attempting to make changes via channels that are more likely to lead to real change.

But I respect people’s democratic right to protest under any circumstance and appreciate it’s a cornerstone of a free political system.

That’s why I’ve been so disturbed to see the virtual media blackout of the massive anti-lockdown protests in London over the weekend.

The BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky News have devoted hundreds of hours over the past year to less well attended demonstrations by Black Lives Matter, anti-statue, Extinction Rebellion and women’s rights supporters.

Yet the thousands of folk who turned up to march against the biggest erosion of our freedoms and civil liberties in modern history are given short shrift.

At an earlier point in my life, I would never have believed something like this. If there were truly massive protests in the streets then, I would hear about it on the news. No amount of media would be able to hide something so blatantly public! Now, I’m not so sure.

There have been millions of people protesting pandemic lockdowns worldwide and I wonder how many people in the United States are even aware. Here are some videos on the events, in case you missed them.

Lockdown protests in Australia [July 26, 2021]

Lockdown protests in Canada [ July 24, 2021]

Lockdown protests in Paris [July 24, 2021]

Lockdown protests in London [June 26, 2021]

Lockdown protests in Greece [July 23, 2021]

Lockdown protests in Italy [July 24, 2021]

Lockdown protests in Ireland [July 25, 2021]

I think this will happen in the USA very soon. Actually, it may have already happened and I just don’t know because its not been reported in the news. Maybe the police are threatening them? Or maybe the limited media coverage is not as honest as it could be? Not sure. What do you think?

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