How To Be Gay and Conservative with Lady MAGA

Truly, truly, truly you cannot judge a book by its cover! I had a long and interesting conversation with the drag artist – Lady MAGA. I walked away thinking that I met a truly courageous person. It is challenging enough to come out as gay but, to complement that by also identifying as a Conservative? Wow. We talked at length about the societal and economic impact of his decision to leave the left, patriotism, big tech censorship and the attacks on the freedoms we take for granted in America. Such a positive person despite the tragedies in his life. #Impressed Lady MAGA is one strong soul. Tune in to hear what I mean. 


Ryan Woods, AKA Lady MAGA USA, is a proud Eagle Scout, America-first  Republican, Christian, and political activist. He’s an award-winning  journalist with a background in mass communication and video production.  He’s President of Log Cabin Republicans Utah and is working to save his  state from a leftist takeover. He uses drag artistry to defy the  radical LGBTQIA+ movement which pushes a dangerous agenda such as  hormone injections for children, “drag kids,” sexually explicit “Pride  Parades” and overt persecution of traditional families and religious  Conservatives. His artistry is meant to be fun, uplifting, and  inspiring—not vulgar or degrading, as is the case with most mainstream  “Drag Queens.”  Lady Maga USA hosts a weekly podcast, creates online content, organizes  events, fights for Conservative legislation, writes articles and more.


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