The Corporate Wokeplace with Stephanie Kaplan

What do you do when “Woke” culture is forced upon you at work? One thing you might do is fight back like Stephanie Kaplan did. She is the founder and voice behind Corporate Wokeplace, a website dedicated to fighting the encroaching Woke culture on the American workplace. In this episode, Jim Stroud and Stephanie Kaplan discuss lowering standards to achieve equity, skin color as a job qualifier and how companies who get woke ultimately go broke. Oh, yes, we went there. Tune in for a very though-provoking episode.


Stephanie Kaplan has worked in Corporate Human Resources leadership for  over 25 years. Her experience is primarily in Fortune 100 companies,  such as Starbucks, Walgreens and Target. Over the course of her career, she noticed a steady increase in Corporate “Wokeism.” Concepts such as Corporate Social Responsibility  started out with good intentions but then became tools of the social  justice warriors. Diversity training, that once had the goal to include  all voices, now has morphed into segregation and shaming of white  people. Employee Resource Groups, initially designed as an opportunity  for racial groups to share their culture with others, have now become  combative and discriminatory. Stephanie founded Corporate Wokeplace as a  way to fight back against the insanity in Corporate America. 


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