Are Blacks in America oppressed or simply ungrateful?

Eric Hohol and I had a meeting of the minds today and wow, was it good. We both were ranting on a myriad of topics that could have resulted in a 3-hour podcast easily. We pondered what the left truly truly wants from black people. We looked at Nigerians in America and speculated why they were better off economically than the Blacks born in America. We took a look back at slaves in America who went on to become millionaires and what they might think of Blacks today. We discussed Eric’s decision to vote for Trump and how it encouraged him to leave the left side for good. Ultimately, we boiled down the essence of leftist verses conservative worldviews and asked, are black people truly oppressed in America or simply, ungrateful. This episode will raise a lot of eyebrows. DO NOT miss it. Listen to it NOW!

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