What would you do if I was canceled?

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What would you do if I was canceled?

Would you be outraged?

Would you be encouraged to action?

Or, would you say, oh well… life goes on and move on?

If life became worse, would you complain about it?

What would you do about it?

Would you complain and think that someone should say something?

Would you complain and think that someone should do something?

Would you think that someone should at least try to make a difference…?

Like that guy who was canceled.

What was his name again?


If I am ever canceled for speaking my mind, expressing my opinion or celebrating my freedom of speech then, at least I was canceled for what I believed in. I could live with that. I would even celebrate it.

Before that happens to me and, eventually, to you.

While you are still able to…

While the United States is still free… somewhat free…

Fight for what you know is right!

This is how.

  1. Research an issue that matters to you. Don’t rely solely on what the mainstream media says, look deeper and learn the facts. Feelings alone are not enough to persuade.
  2. Research which politicians support your perspective and those who oppose it. More importantly, investigate the motivations behind their positions.
  3. Create a letter arguing why your point of view is best for all concerned. Include with your passionate appeal, facts and figures that can be easily verified. Post your letter online.
  4. Send your letter to politicians, the media, political influencers and sympathetic organizations. Ask any and all who agree with your ideas to publicly agree and share your letter with their networks.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 with other issues you are passionate about and make change happen.

I look forward to reading some of your letters. You will see mine, soon enough.


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