China is not our friend.

Today’s podcast was almost an hour long and could have been much longer. Yes, it was that good. Today, I spoke with my new pal – Marcel Grzanna about China and how (in my view) they are not a friend to America. To be clear, I am discussing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership and not the people of China who suffer under their dictatorship. Anyways, topics that Marcel and I explored were China’s influence over America, China’s deplorable record on human right abuses, China’s social credit score, the persecution of underground christian churches, how the Chinese view President Donald Trump and why Hollywood bows down to China (and who will be next). 


Marcel Grzanna is the co-host of Poking With Chopsticks. How dictatorships work – Freelance writers Qin Liwen and Marcel Grzanna discuss Chinese government’s authoritarian policies and strategies and put it into perspective with their own real-life-experiences.

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