Jericho Green is my anger translator.

Have you ever seen the comedy routine of Key and Peele where they are doing an impression of Barack Obama? One will be calm and composed whereas the other would repeat what the other said but, in harsher tones. If you have not seen it, check out the links below. When I was talking to Jericho Green and hearing some of his views, I felt like we were remixing a Key and Peele comedy skit. So much so, I gave him the nickname of being my “angry Obama” aka my “anger translator.”

Tune in to hear what I mean as we discuss the next big distraction ahead of the 2022 elections, illegal immigrants, government dependence, schools focused on the wrong thing, critical race theory, liberal privilege, gender dysphoria and other topics too sensitive for this podcast description. Tune in to hear a deep conversation spoken with calmness (me) and in angry interpretation (Jericho). This is one of my favorites! Tune in to find out why. 

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Key and Peele’s Angry Obama comedy skit


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