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You have the feeling of information overload? I had that sensation when I put this newsletter together. Its one thing to suspect that so much is being hidden from you and quite another to find so much after research. Please, please, pretty please let the information I share be a starting point to your own research. While I seek to influence, I never want to replace your own critical thinking gut. Do your own research. I will never suggest otherwise. With that said, look what I found out today…

A Scientific Retort to “Follow the Science” (for those who dare to listen).

Alex Jones was right again

May I see your papers? (As a reminder, World War 2 is over)

Why is Ivermectin banned from the mainstream media? Its working for some people. Case in point, check out this tweet from Dr. Robert Malone, the INVENTOR of mRNA vaccines and RNA as a drug, Bench to Bedside vaccines and biologics consulting.

Last I heard of the Taliban, Trump made a deal with them that ended the Afghan war. Under this new administration however, things have changed. In fact, my spider sense is tingling over this tweet. Not sure why.

And speaking of war, China and Russia seem to be all BFF now. Nothing to see here. If it were, I’m sure CNN would be all over it.

This is America in 2021. No violent acts committed. Showing up and being a supporter of Trump was enough for the government to seize a talk show host’s money (and not give it back).

And just when you thought things could not get any crazier, Oregon proves you wrong.

And just in case, in case, you thought Oregon was the pinnacle of modern madness, I present to you the CDC which published ON ITS WEBSITE documentation proposing concentration camps for unvaccinated people.

Okay, I’ll admit, even after viewing the document on the CDC website that it is highly implausible that the US government is even prepared to do something like place thousands, if not millions, of people in camps across the country and… wait… what’s this?

But on a brighter note, somebody is about to sell a (insert expletive of your choice) ton of merchandise after posting this video. I pray it goes viral and they make millions for the effort. Amen.


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