Afghanistan was a mostly peaceful transfer of power

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Last year, CNN was ridiculed for a video caption that read “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful Protests After Police Shooting” during a report from national correspondent Omar Jimenez in front of a building engulfed in flames during protests over the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wis.

History is repeating itself somewhat as CNN reported the following.

To be fair, they were not alone in their propaganda efforts. MSNBC joined in as well.

Oh, the irony. It was not so long ago, actually, it was July 8, 2021 when Biden was quoted as saying the following about Afghanistan.

Flash forward to August 16, 2021 and the exact opposite of what Biden had predicted has come true. Here is a quote from The Daily Beast via MSN.

Less than 24 hours after the Taliban regained power in Afghanistan, scenes of chaotic desperation played out at Kabul’s main airport as people climbed onto the wings and sides of departing military jets and clambered up gangplanks to try to get onto the last flights out of the capital.

Sigh. This tweet is hard to watch; desperate people striving for a way out that was not forthcoming.

Saddest of all, this video of those who clung to the outside of the plane until they could grasp no longer; falling to their death.

As horrific as these turn of events are, they were all foreseen. U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made these remarks on August 4, 2021 from the Senate floor.

“Remember what top national security experts were saying around the time the President announced his decision. Quote: ‘The Taliban is likely to make gains on the battlefield, and the Afghan Government will struggle to hold the Taliban at bay if the coalition withdraws support.’

“Administration officials shrugged it off. They downplayed the chances that Afghanistan’s pro-American government would fall to the pro-terrorist Taliban. But now that outcome appears all but inevitable. The Administration glossed over the risk of an al-Qaeda resurgence. But now, Secretary Austin is acknowledging al Qaeda could re-establish a safe haven and threaten the homeland in less than two years. And even that may be optimistic.

“They insisted that “over the horizon” operations would be enough to keep terrorists in check. But now, just as the CIA director warned from the start, intelligence-gathering is already suffering. The Administration claimed that resources tied up in the fight against terrorists were more urgently needed to counter Chinese aggression.

“But now, the manpower demands of this “over the horizon” approach have required redeployment of forces to the Middle East and pulled an entire carrier group away from China’s backyard so it can conduct costlier, less-efficient, longer-range missions over Afghanistan from the Gulf.

“Much of the rhetoric from the President’s team has sounded almost laughably naïve. The Secretary of State has publicly suggested he thinks he can bribe the Taliban into being a responsible, peaceful regime with diplomatic carrots. That’s where we are.

“In six months this Administration has taken us from helping local partners fight the Taliban… to abandoning our partners and pretending that a future Taliban government will care about foreign assistance and being accepted by the so-called international community.

“The Taliban have already begun paving their way to Kabul with innocent blood. Al-Qaeda is already rebuilding capabilities to strike at our homeland.

“What on earth are we doing?

But, I digress. These things are never convenient. Biden was on a long-weekend when it all hit the fan and would have likely continued if not for public scrutiny. So, what did he say when he addressed the nation? See for yourself.

After watching the video, you might agree with Benny Johnson’s assessment.

And what did President Biden do after making his speech? Did he meet with Generals? Did he call on foreign powers for assistance? No. He returned to his vacation. WOW. PJ Media reports:

Joe Biden was widely criticized for going on vacation last week as Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. After someone at the White House apparently figured out that the optics of this vacation were awful, it was announced that Biden would return to the White House to address the situation.

While it seemed like Biden was sacrificing his vacation by cutting it short, after his ten-minute speech, in which he blamed everyone but himself for the situation before saying “the buck stops with me,” he went right back to Camp David to get back to his rest and relaxation time.

It sort of reminds me of something President Obama said about Biden in 2020. Politico reported the following.

“I think the turnout tonight demonstrates the high regard in which the vice president is held in the extended Obama family,” Rouse told the crowd of about 50 people. “And I think that that message is not out as far as it should be.”

Yet searing, anonymously sourced quotes from Obama kept appearing through the race. One Democrat who spoke to Obama recalled the former president warned, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.” Speaking of his own waning understanding of today’s Democratic electorate, especially in Iowa, Obama told one 2020 candidate: “And you know who really doesn’t have it? Joe Biden.”

When I consider Biden’s time in office, not even a year yet, I marvel at Obama’s seemingly omniscient analysis of his former VP. Let me count the ways…

At this point, I hold my breath and await the inevitable exit of President Biden, which will not come soon enough. As to how it will happen, I lean on President Biden’s own intuition. Prior to his ascension into the oval office, he said in regard to any policy disagreements with his VP, that he would “develop some disease and say I have to resign.” Here is a quote in context from CNSNews.

Former Vice President Joe Biden in discussing how he and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) will deal with disagreements told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday that he will handle it much like he did with former President Barack Obama.

“The thing we are simpatico on our philosophy of government and simpatico on how we want to approach these issues that we’re facing, and so I don’t have – and when we disagree, it will be just like — so far it’s been just like Barack and I did. It’s in private. She’ll say I think we should do a, B, C, or D, and I’ll say I like A, don’t like B or C. Okay, and like I told Barack, if I read something where there’s a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign,” Biden said. 

Any day now, President Biden. I await your announcement. While I wish you good health, your resignation is overdue.


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