Afghanistan: The worse is yet to come.

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This week has been the most embarrassing week in the history of the United States of America. At least, according to one reputable source. President Biden cut his vacation short to chat with ABC News where he absolved himself from any meaningful blame concerning the fall of Afghanistan by stating that the situation would be chaotic regardless of how we left.

imageIn an exclusive interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, and the president’s first since the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, President Joe Biden stood firm in his defense of the United States’ withdrawal, but asserted for the first time that he believes the chaos was unavoidable.

“So you don’t think this could have been handled — this exit could have been handled better in any way, no mistakes?” Stephanopoulos asked Biden.

“No, I don’t think it could have been handled in a way that, we’re gonna go back in hindsight and look — but the idea that somehow, there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, I don’t know how that happens. I don’t know how that happened,” Biden replied.

Wow. Just… wow.

The drama surrounding Afghanistan is not exclusive to Afghanistan. Inside the White House there are internal disputes in effect, most notably between President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. It was reported that VP Harris was asked to step up and address the American people in Biden’s absence. And this was her response, according to Becker News.

According to multiple reports, Harris was asked to address the American people on Sunday about the unraveling situation in the war-torn country, but refused. As the Taliban threatened the lives of thousands of Americans and allies in Kabul, pressure mounted on the White House to look the people in the eye and explain what happened. Yet, no one did.

A well-placed source inside the White House informs Becker News that Kamala Harris objected to addressing the nation on Sunday. The source reports that Kamala Harris could be heard screaming, “They will not pin this s*** on me!” Furthermore, the source reports that Jill Biden was at Camp David deflecting calls being made for Joe Biden.

The report is corroborated by OANN’s Jack Posobiec, who provides the account that Harris objected to addressing the American people.

To add even more credibility to that claim, Jack Posobiec tweeted this account.

Outside of the White House, our allies see this clearly as an American failure although they diplomatically share some of the blame as a NATO member. DW Reports

“It is the biggest debacle that NATO has suffered since its founding, and we’re standing before an epochal change.”

Laschet said the focus at the moment had to be on the German military’s evacuation operation from Afghanistan. “But we will talk about the causes and conclusions drawn after this rescue mission — a no holds barred analysis of errors in Germany, with our allies and in the international community,” he said.

Earlier, Merkel was reported to have attributed the US withdrawal to domestic political reasons.

At a meeting with her CDU-CSU party leadership, sources cited Merkel as saying NATO’s decision to pull out after almost two decades of deployment was “ultimately made by the Americans.”

“We have always said, if the Americans stay, we will also stay,” she said, according to participants at the meeting. “The troop withdrawal sparked a domino effect” that culminated in the Taliban sweeping back into power, Merkel said.

Meanwhile, Biden’s own political party is out for blood and looking squarely at the President. According to the Conservative Brief

The Senate Intelligence and Foreign Relations Committees — both chaired by Democrats — are planning to investigate the catastrophic withdrawal that resulted in roughly 10,000 American citizens and nearly 40,000 other allies left stranded in Afghanistan as the Talib take over the country, Axios reported.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) are vowing to investigate the crisis.

“As the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I hope to work with the other committees of jurisdiction to ask tough but necessary questions about why we weren’t better prepared for a worst-case scenario involving such a swift and total collapse of the Afghan government and security forces. We owe those answers to the American people and to all those who served and sacrificed so much,” Warner said in his statement.

“I am disappointed that the Biden administration clearly did not accurately assess the implications of a rapid U.S. withdrawal. We are now witnessing the horrifying results of many years of policy and intelligence failures,” Menendez said in his own statement.

“The American and Afghan people clearly have not been told the truth,” he added.

Not surprisingly, after all this, Biden’s approval plunges.

But its not all bad news for Biden. He still has some allies in the media who try to deflect attention away from the Taliban to Trump supporters, who they believe are much worse. To compare Trump supporters to Taliban is obscene, as this report attests. But, I digress. Here are some quotes from Breitbart.

During Monday’s episode of CBS’s The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert addressed President Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which has left the Taliban in full control of the country.

“Why should our soldiers be fighting radicals in a Civil War in Afghanistan? We’ve got our own on Capitol Hill,” the comedian said.

Colbert is the latest celebrity to compare the January 6 rioters to the Taliban in what appears to be an attempt by Democrats to draw attention away from President Biden’s botched retreat from Afghanistan.

Both Michael Moore and Rosanna Arquette have likened the Capitol Hill rioters to the Taliban in the few days since Afghanistan fell to the Islamic extremist group.

And Hollywood was not alone in their defense of Biden, Media Matters CEO – Angelo Carusone tried to distract from Biden by mocking the Americans stuck in Afghanistan and politician Tom Cotton’s attempt to assist. His negative tweet was harshly rebuked. Here is one such example.

But to say that Biden has not done anything substantial in regards to negotiating with the Taliban would be dishonest. Take for example their insistence that the Taliban form an “inclusive and representative” government with “full participation of women.”

To put the Biden administration’s demand in full context, consider how Taliban are kidnapping females between 15 and 45 years old to be used as sex slaves and that such behavior is nothing new, the Biden request to have women in Taliban leadership is laughable at best.

Beyond making senseless demands on the Taliban, the Biden administration is also doing its best to bring every Afghan refugee they can to America. Here is a quote from NBC News.

The Biden administration plans to allow thousands more Afghans to relocate to the U.S. as refugees because of the growing threat of Taliban violence, the State Department said Monday.

The administration said it will launch a program that would permit thousands of Afghans to resettle to American soil, including those who worked for U.S.-funded projects, U.S.-based media outlets and nongovernmental organizations.

But the program will not offer evacuation flights for these Afghan refugees, who would have to find a way to leave the country on their own, officials said.

So, if the Afghans can find a way to our border, they get in no questions asked. While I can appreciate the humanitarian effort, we should proceed with caution as Afghan refugees have been known to be problematic; to put it mildly. Nevertheless, a mass influx from Afghanistan is pretty much a given as Biden’s America last policies continue. As I ponder these things, I cannot help but wonder 2 things.

First, how true this meme is…

And second, how close we are to the anniversary of September 11th; remembering how terrorists like to strike on significant dates. Heaven forbid something like 911 happens again this year or any year hereafter. However, conventional wisdom says the chances of such happening again have greatly increased. I can’t help feeling that the worse is yet to come.

God help us.



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