The Browning of America with Donald Wayne

Census data suggests that in the near future, whites will no longer be the American majority. In this episode, Jim Stroud speculates the significance of this development with podcast guest – Donald Wayne. The conversation flows effortlessly as the modern culture is dissected and debated on several fronts. Among them: the alarming increase of anti-white racism, black appeals for segregation and (ironically) defending America as a non-racist country. The conversation later shifts to address medical tyranny, the dissolution of academic standards, Universal Basic Income, the nobility of work and everything else I forgot to mention. 

The chat could have been had on a country porch, in the cool of the day with beers in hand. It was that kind of vibe and I liked it. I think you will too. Tune in to see what I mean. 


Donald Wayne is the co-host of Trice Talk, a podcast that focuses on topics that dominate the news as well as some stories that are often ignored by “mainstream” outlets. Trice Talk, while treating serious issues in a respectful manner is known for their humorous takes on the absurd.  


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