Amy Phan West Equals Wow

The last best hope for California and indeed – the United States of America itself, is Americans with the passion and patriotism of Amy Phan West. West’s courageous fire is contagious and desperately needed to save America from the destructive WOKE ideology of the left. In our chat we began discussing her political ambitions and why recalling Governor Newsom is a moral imperative. Afterwards, we explored diverse topics that made it clear that she was very much the solution for California and not a future problem to avoid. 

Topics discussed in this podcast:

  • Who is Gavin Newsom supporting? It does not appear to be California. 
  • California has become a gangsters paradise
  • Democrats, election Integrity and printing ballots from home (as many as you like) 
  • The psychological effect of flipping California
  • Afghanistan, Afghanistan… Afghanistan
  • Impeach, impeach, Impeach!!! Treason. 
  • The Second Amendment
  • The Southern Border is a National Security Issue
  • Critical Racist Theory (…because it is racist)
  • The Chinese Communist Party
  • Saigon and Escaping Vietnam 
  • Agenda item #1: Get our people out! 
  • Biden: It ain’t my fault
  • And more… 

Tune in NOW! Prepare to be inspired. You do not want to miss a single word Amy Phan West has to say.


Amy Phan West is running as a Republican for election to the U.S. House to represent California’s 45th Congressional District. She declared candidacy for the nonpartisan primary in 2022. She ran in 2020 as well. She was born in Da Nang Vietnam, and she and her entire family escaped the Vietnamese Communist regime in 1985 by stowing away in an old fishing boat. They spent more than two years in refugee camps, first in Thailand and then the Philippines, as they sought asylum in the United States. Finally, the United States State Department granted the family’s asylum request and the Phans arrived in Huntington Beach to begin their “American Dream.” Amy’s parents worked very hard to provide for the family. Generous support offered by local Vietnamese church organizations played an instrumental role in their successfully integrating into American society. Knowing the important value of education, all seven children attended school, graduated high school, got their higher education, and are living their American Dream.

Amy has been married to Jeremy West since 2009, they have three young sons, ages 9, 7, and 5. Their adventurous family enjoys sporting activities, including camping, BMX, snowboarding, and other seasonal extreme sports.

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