How much has Afghanistan cost America?

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How much has Afghanistan cost America?

In terms of money – a lot. According to Forbes

In the 20 years since September 11, 2001, the United States has spent more than $2 trillion on the war in Afghanistan. That’s $300 million dollars per day, every day, for two decades. Or $50,000 for each of Afghanistan’s 40 million people. In baser terms, Uncle Sam has spent more keeping the Taliban at bay than the net worths of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and the 30 richest billionaires in America, combined.

In terms of blood – incalculable.

20 yr old Rylee McCollum was one of the 13 Marines killed in the suicide bombing in Kabul. His mom called into the Wilkow Majority Show on Sirius XM Channel 125. This is truly a must-listen. Her representative @repboebert has reached out & is visiting her home. The White House has not.

In terms of confidence in our leaders rescuing all Americans – negligible.

In terms of being a laughingstock to our enemies – highly likely.

Regarding faith in the media to tell us the whole truth – negligible.

In terms of pursuing a Cloward-Piven strategy, already in progress.

In terms of President Biden’s performance – immeasurable shame.

As bad as things are, there are elements seeking to make it worse. I speak of the WOKE crowd who seeks to further divide America when we should be uniting. On August 26, 2021, VICE published the soon-to-be infamous article – “Why Are So Many Marines Neo-Nazis?” The news website – Revolver wrote a scathing review of it. Here are two quotes from Revolver.

That’s right folks. More than five “neo-Nazis” or “extremists” per year. And more than two former Marines per year. Over a three year period. Out of 186,000 active duty Marines, and 102,000 reserves. In other words, Vice’s intrepid journalism revealed that 0.00860215% of active duty Marines were reportedly tagged as either neo-Nazis or “extremists.” And given that there are millions and millions of former Marines, an even more infinitesimal percentage of ex-Marines were reportedly neo-Nazis or “extremists”.

Further down in the article, Revolver points out the crux of what Vice News was arguing.

Those 13 US Soldiers Who Died In Afghanistan Were Probably White Supremacists*

Headlines like these are why we’re grateful for the work and emotional labor that Vice does to educate us on our ignorant, bigoted ways, and raise awareness of our own prejudices, biases, and implicit racism, sexism, white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, and BIPOCphobia.

While I appreciate Revolver’s sarcasm, its hard to find the humor in anything where Afghanistan is concerned. Get WOKE, go broke indeed.

Afghanistan has cost America too much in blood, treasure and standing.

Afghanistan will continue to cost America for years to come.

Afghanistan is Biden’s fault. He must resign.

Sigh. If only someone warned us that this would happen. Oh wait, what’s this?


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