Lamenting the Left with Cedric and Brian

Another episode of “The Things I Think About” has slipped past the censors! Today I chat with Cedric and Brian who join me in lamenting the left and the after effects of their opinions and policies. In no particular order, we discussed the following:

  • California politics and the hopeful win of Larry Elder
  • Racist liberals who champion diversity
  • Afghanistan and “America Last” 
  • The Accountability Deficit in the White House
  • President Harris? Better off with Biden.
  • Will our allies ever trust us again? 
  • FDA Approvals mean everything is fine? Right? Um… not so much. 

Tune in for a very entertaining and thought provoking chat that will make you think. 


Cedric and Brian are just two average guys with a lot on their mind. Join them every Tuesday and Thursday on YouTube as they tackle heavy hitting issues like, “Do you hang your toilet paper under or over?” or the controversial, “Cultural Appropriation”, video. They also have a Monday series called, “Music Monday”, where they interview and have musical talent perform on the show. Friday’s brings, “Fitness Friday”, where they discuss health and fitness tips. 


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