Some would call it a conspiracy

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Some would call it a conspiracy

The FDA does not do any testing for drug approval.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) does the drug testing and provides findings for FDA approval.

The Head of NIH Bio Ethics is Dr. Christine Grady.

Below is a picture of Dr. Christine Grady and her husband – Anthony Fauci.

Is it me or, is there a conflict of interest at play here? Possibly, as Lifesite alludes. Here is a quote…

Hence, as numerous emails are currently being released revealing Fauci’s own actions at the start of the Wuhan coronavirus last year, and the “gain-of-function” experiments at the laboratory in Wuhan funded by NIAID, evidence suggests that his wife could well be in a position of severe conflict of interest as regards her own ethical guidance to the NIH.

Let me save you some time. Whatever Dr. Fauci wants to do, his wife approves it as head of Bio Ethics at NIH. So, yes, I would call that a severe conflict of interest. Here is a video clip from Real America’s Voice where the conflict of interest is discussed. [Video – August 9, 2021]

Dr. Christine Grady has a rather interesting background, in her own right. And in that regard, I’ll just leave this here.* [Video – May 28, 2020]

*The YouTube video I cited above is also backed up on Rumble; just in case they remove it again.


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