#97 – The Passion of Brad Freedom

The Things I Think About Podcast

This was one of those conversations that was jam packed with so much information that you might have to listen twice to be sure you did not miss anything. If nothing else, let the record show that Brad Freedom has a passion for liberty and a free America! Things we talked about include:

  • The Need for a Parallel Economy
  • After you’re cancelled off the internet, slander is easy
  • Is this a nanny state or a tyranny state? 
  • How will history remember Joe Biden and the crazy times we live in today?
  • And one VERY, very weird homeopathic remedy that I will never try

All this and more in the latest episode of The Things I Think About podcast….


Brad Freedom is a former Marine turned entrepreneur who is motivated to uphold the Constitution. He awoke during his time in the Marines and felt called to seek Truth. He has helped build several tech start ups with an unmatched work ethic. He is committed to helping like minded people in creating a new culture that will not bow down to tyranny.


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