#98 – No, Everybody Does NOT Get a Trophy

Things I Think About Podcast

If you are in need of a positive and inspirational message today, look no further than Robert B. Foster. In this episode, we discuss…

  • Why the idea that everyone gets a trophy at the end of a competition is a bad idea. 
  • Changing military requirements for the sake of equity
  • Changing educational standards in order to protect a student’s feelings
  • Universal Basic Income vs The Dignity of Work
  • A Special Message to Those Who Served in Afghanistan

And more… 


Robert B. Foster is a successful entrepreneur and a competitive athlete. But as an overcomer, he also knows what it’s like to struggle through hardships. At the peak of his career, Robert B. Foster became an All-American athlete, but that narrative came tumbling down when the champion track and fielder encountered what could have been a career-ending injury. And while medical professionals had strong doubts that the athlete would ever bounce back from his mishap, Robert B. Foster proved skeptics wrong and came back stronger than ever. Now he helps other develop unbreakable resilience.

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