Is this the height of absurdity or is there room to grow?

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(Today’s newsletter is more of a long meandering rant than the reporting of news. Apologies in advance.)

Is this the height of absurdity or is there room to grow? 

Today, I read what I thought was the height of absurdity. A student was barred from attending virtual classes because he was unvaccinated. Huh? Here is a quote from the NY Post

A New Jersey student has said he is barred from taking classes at Rutgers University because he has not been vaccinated — even though he is only studying virtually from home.

Logan Hollar, 22, told that he largely ignored the school’s COVID mandate “because all my classes were remote” from his Sandyston home, some 70 miles from Rutgers’ campus in New Brunswick.

But he was locked out of his Rutgers email and related accounts when he went to pay his tuition at the end of last month — and was told that he needed to be vaccinated even though he has no plans to attend in person.

Clearly, something else is going on.

This is insane and indicative of a much bigger threat than some would admit but most are recognizing; on some level. Covid-19 and how its being handled is not about the public health, solely, it is about power. You can see this in a small scale by this powerful Twitter thread by Christina Pushaw. Click here to read the tweets and the related comments or click here to read just her comments.

The points that Pushaw makes in her story are reflected in something California Governor Gavin Newsom (soon to be recalled, I hope) said just before the government stretched and surpassed the boundaries of its power. (In case you need an example of how this turned out – click here.)

Its okay to lie, if it benefits the left…

Another way you can see how the handling of Covid-19 is about power (and not just the public health) is how its treated in the media. In some cases, media outlets are supporting false narratives that ultimately keep the left in power. Consider for example, the deluge of recent stories from the mainstream media attacking Ivermectin; Rachel Maddow‘s reporting is one such example.

The story being told was that Oklahoma hospital emergency rooms were overcrowded because people were taking Ivermectin (a drug being reported as “medicine for horses”) as a covid cure and overdosing. As it turns out, the narrative was completely false. Rolling Stone was the one who “broke” the story that mainstream media ran without verification. RollingStone later posted an “update” once they were caught in their lie. (Click here to get the full context of this drama.)

So, were any of the mainstream media outlets who promoted the covid-related fake stories about Ivermectin cancelled on social media? No, not at all. Why? Such misinformation keeps the story alive that we are in a pandemic and as such, the increased powers of the government are still necessary. I firmly believe that it is the hope of the elites that we never return to normal. Normal means giving up their unprecedented power over us.

Politics do not belong in healthcare!

When politics became integral to the public health, trust deteriorated soon thereafter and has continued to decline. Media and politicians are obscuring relevant health data to meet a narrative rather than simply stating facts. Worse yet, the narrative keeps changing. According to Healthline

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has so far authorized three COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use. Two of these are the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines. Both of these vaccines require two doses.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has also been authorized for emergency use. However, this vaccine only requires one dose.

But on September 2, 2021, I hear this…

Lives are at stake! Literally…

What happens when pharmacies refuse to fill prescriptions because people in the media think the drug is not politically correct?

What if doctors stop prescribing certain drugs because they are afraid of being canceled? (Its happened before. Doctors who prescribed hydroxychloroquine were fired and canceled because it was mentioned by Donald Trump.)


Should we place the “fact checkers” of Facebook in higher esteem than medical researchers with peer-reviewed studies in renowned scientific journals? I would think that such a question would be regarded as rhetorical. Unfortunately, in this era of cancel culture, I don’t know.

I’m ranting a lot today. Forgive me. I’ll be better tomorrow.


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