10 Tweets They Don’t Want You To See

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10 Tweets They Don’t Want You To See

Is Joe Biden an illegitimate President? Some data suggests that.

Besides data, there are also the unspoken doubts of most Americans that Biden won in a fair election.

This tweet by actress Rose McGowan is not being spoken of much by the left but to be fair, being in a bedroom with Bill Clinton is not exactly shocking news anymore.

And who cares about the national debt? Its only money. We can always print more. #sarcasm

Umm… I don’t think AOC is helping her case with this tweet.

This meme is circulating among the right. Among the left, not so much. Doubt it? Research it. (I won’t do it for you.)

Another “benefit” of Covid is that it gives governments another reason to raise taxes. I suspect that this is the first of a global trend.

The Biden administration left behind something more than Americans and weapons in Afghanistan. They also left the tools for building a surveillance state. Sigh.

Newly released documents (900 pages) obtained by The Intercept proves that Dr. Fauci’s agency was funding gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Something Dr. Fauci knew was happening when he blatantly lied to Congress. Tim Poole discusses the finding with Zaid Jilani (formerly of The Intercept).

So, what happened when this was brought up in today’s press conference? Did the US President’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki take the issue head on? No, she ran from the question (almost literally) when it was posed.

Yes, things are a mess due to the lack of strong leadership. And who knows this better than the staff who support our President?

Bonus Tweet!

The New York Times writes about the $3.5 trillion spending bill being pushed by Democrats and says, “…the proposed legislation would be so transformative — a cradle-to-grave reweaving of a social safety net frayed by decades of expanding income inequality, stagnating wealth and depleted governmental resources, capped by the worst public health crisis in a century.”

TRANSLATION: The government wants you dependent on “benefits,” for the entirety of your life, so they can control you as long as you live. The choice is simple. Socialism or Capitalism Freedom. Stuart Varney had an interesting take on it.


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