#102 – Can My Employer Mandate that I Get the Vaccine or Threaten Me With Termination?

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In a blatant exercise of government overreach, President Biden decrees new vaccine mandates for 100 million Americans. Can he legally do that? My guest – Dr. Henry Ealy says, “no” and backs that up with legal precedent and suggestions on how to resist the dictate.

Other topics we discussed:

  • Despite what the mainstream media (Or President Biden) says, the FDA has not fully approved any vaccines.
  • The difference between religious “exemption” and religious “exception.” Don’t fall for the okie doke!
  • Freedom means you have the right to permit or deny what goes in your body. (it is after all, your choice.) 
  • In the UK, taxes are going up because of Covid. Watch it happen worldwide.
  • If Covid-19 is still an emergency situation then, why is the southern border wide open? 
  • What would happen if we focused on nutrition, proven medicines that have been around for decades and data from peer-reviewed studies with very large groups of test subjects, instead of the recent vaccine promotions?

And soooo much more! Do yourself a favor and LISTEN to information that may change your paradigm and health forever. For additional study, check out this content from Dr. Ealy:

# COVID-19 – What You’re Not Being Told Could Save Your Life https://buff.ly/3tupcSu
# COVID-19: Empirical Evidence For Preventative Strategies https://buff.ly/3yRSifI


Dr. Henry Ealy (Dr. H) is the Founder of, & Executive Community Director for, the Energetic Health Institute. He holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from SCNM, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA, is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition by the NANP and a proud Jackie Robinson Scholarship Alumnus. He has over 20 years of teaching & clinical experience helping people care for their amazing body by unlocking the healing potential of Natural Medicines.

Dr. H hosts a weekly nationwide program, Energetic Health Radio, and is a regular writer on the America Out Loud network detailing the latest empirical evidence and research regarding the COVID crisis. You can listen to and read his volunteer effort on his America Out Loud team page.

He is the lead author for the COVID Research Team that has published 5 manuscripts including the peer-reviewed and highly acclaimed COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective and the 444 page peer-reviewed position statement on willful misconduct COVID-19: Restoring Public Trust During A Public Health Crisis. His team’s work has been covered by Dr. Mercola, Green Med Info, USA Today, Stand for Health Freedom, the Organic Consumer’s Association and many highly respected news outlets. His team is the first to submit Formal Grand Jury Petitions exposing the rampant acts of alleged willful misconduct and call for a Congressional Investigation into the CDC’s violations of multiple federal laws.


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