#106 – What’s wrong with giving pornography to children? Are you kidding me?!!

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#106 – What’s wrong with giving pornography to children? Are you kidding me?!!

“What’s wrong with giving pornography to children?” is a question that many educators pondered as parents raged against them at school board meetings. While I was sleeping, sex education devolved from explaining biological differences between genders to explicit lessons from the Kama Sutra. (And I’m only slightly exaggerating.) As shocking as this is, apparently, its been going on in our school systems for some time. I’m so glad that Karen Schoen was my guest because she explained to me this trend, its origins and what’s likely to happen next.  Karen Schoen has the foresight and courage to do what so many on the right are afraid to; call the enemy out by name and boldly. Spoiler alert – its communism

Other topics we discussed

  • Federalized police forces coming to your city soon
  • The purpose of the mask
  • The only good thing about communism
  • The psychological projections of the left
  • The eerie similarities between modern America and Nazi, Germany 
  • Government mobsters (badda-boom, badda-bing) 
  • Whole word reading doesn’t work for us. So, why are we doing it? 

And more… 


I am Karen Schoen, former candidate for Florida House, teacher and business owner. I am currently an advisor to Florida Citizens Alliance.  I am a journalist, advocate and citizen lobbyist, and public speaker. I write for NewsWithViews.com, AmericaOutLoud.com, DrRichardSwier.com and other local papers.  I host a radio show on AmericaOutLoud.com show name Prism of America’s Education.  

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