Does being albino increase your white privilege?: An interview with Jeff Gray

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108 – Does being albino increase your white privilege?: An interview with Jeff Gray

Jeff Gray is visually impaired and albino yet, he has managed to achieve an amazing career in Human Resources. In this candid interview, Jeff gets personal about his life experiences and how personal accountability has been a driving force in his life. Topics discussed in this podcast:

  • Myths about the visually impaired debunked.
  • The Rise of the Easily Offended
  • I’m blind and Albino. What’s your excuse? 
  • Does being albino increase your white privilege? 
  • Nothing excuses away personal accountability
  • Character defines you, not your disability
  • If you’re blind, how do I know you can find your way to work?
  • That day people spat on me for being extra-white
  • For some people, color is everything. Making segregation great again. 
  • Has remote work increased the employment of disabled workers?

So, what is your excuse for not achieving your dream? 


Jeff Gray has over 25 years’ experience in the Talent Acquisition field. He is currently Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition for a fast growing tech company called ServiceNow, which was recently named by Fortune as the top tech company for the future. He has previously worked at other companies such as Amazon, Hewlett Packard and Cisco System. Jeff has led global TA teams up to 175 members across 30 different countries, accounting for in upwards of 5,000 global hires in a year. Additionally, Jeff has 2 Master Degrees, one in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and the other in Human Resource Management.

Jeff is also legally blind. He was born with Albinism which not only impairs his vision but he also has no pigment. Jeff has dealt with discrimination, bullying, etc from childhood onward. However, this doesn’t stop Jeff in living his full life. Jeff brings a unique perspective to the topic of discrimination. While there are bad people in society, Jeff believes we live the most amazing country history has ever scene. Jeff’s general philosophy is regardless of your background (race, gender, disability, socio-economic, etc), if you focus on being accountable for your life, make reasonable life choices, work hard, treat others with respect, show empathy and have even just a little bit of intelligence, chances are quite high your life will turn out well. Jeff is married, with no children. His wife suffered a severe stroke in 2011, and in addition to being disabled himself, he likewise spends each day caring for his disabled wife while working full-time. Jeff lives in the Portland, Oregon area and is a huge Oregon Ducks sports fan.

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