What happened to Big Mama?: An interview with Jimmy Tillman

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Podcast #107 – What happened to Big Mama?: An interview with Jimmy Tillman

In this episode I speak with Jimmy Tillman as he drops truth bomb after truth bomb about the importance of education, personal accountability and how the slave mentality has infected the black community. Be advised that this podcast contains explicit language. 

Topics discussed in this podcast:

  • Black History you might not have known. 
  • Whose fault is it that black history is not passed down to black children?
  • The spirit of hip hop has changed over the years
  • Why was Midnight Basketball scrapped for 24/7 prisons? 
  • What happened to Big Mama? Where are the neighborhood big mamas today?
  • Being Black in the North verses being Black in the South
  • Niki Minaj can’t ask a question? What’s really going on?
  • Did you know that MLK was a Republican?
  • Why work when I can get government benefits? 

And so much more!


Jimmy Lee Tillman II is a hip hop conservative and patriot. He is the founder and president of the Martin Luther King Republicans and producer of the Jimmy Lee Underground Radio Network. He is a historian and author of Tillman’s Handbook of Great Black American Patriots and guide to the National Parks and Landmarks, Statues, Museums and Historic Places dedicated to them.  Born on the Southside of Chicago in the aftermath of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to a civil rights veteran mother and world-renowned musician/educator father, Jimmy is a history enthusiast and patriot. An alumnus of Central State University, who studied under the distinguished Black American History instructors, Professor Amos Martin and Dr. Joseph Lewis, he is the father of three, pawpaw of one, and lives with his family in Chicago, IL.  



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