China is not our friend – Part 2

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Podcast #109 – China is not our friend – Part 2 #Evergrande

Because you demanded it! I have another chat with Marcel Grzanna about China (CCP) and how they are not our friend. In this conversation we discuss how the Evergrande crisis in China is hurting China’s economy and what that might mean for the world. Additional topics include… 

  • The CCP (Chinese Communist Party)  is not our friend.
  • Is CCP takeover of Taiwan imminent? 
  • What would happen if Taiwan was a USA territory? 
  • The left doesn’t acknowledge Chinese censorship. Do they approve of it?
  • Evergrande is a symptom of China’s economic woes
  • Is China afraid of its own people? How close has China come to being overthrown?
  • China’s changing child policies
  • China has been at cold war with the USA a lot longer than the USA has been at cold war with China
  • Russia and China becoming BFFs? That’s not good, is it?


Marcel Grzanna is the co-host of Poking With Chopsticks. How dictatorships work – Freelance writers Qin Liwen and Marcel Grzanna discuss Chinese government’s authoritarian policies and strategies and put it into perspective with their own real-life-experiences.

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