Has the Left lost their collective minds? A chat with Jeff Charles

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Podcast #110 – Has the Left lost their collective minds? A chat with Jeff Charles

Today, Jeff Charles and I had a meeting of the minds to lament the left and make wacky predictions (well, I did anyway) about the future of Democrats, Republicans and the rest of the country. These were our talking points:

  • Wokeism is a religion.  
  • Liberal privilege is real. 
  • Nobody cancels culture like the left. 
  • Impeaching Biden may sound good but, will it happen? 
  • Would a Vice President Harris be worse?
  • Despite the propaganda of the activist media, people still do not like VP Harris. Why? 
  • Defund the police and replace them with federalized troops the elites control. 
  • Its not Democrat vs Republicans, its a globalist Uni-party against us all. 
  • Will 2022 be a political bloodbath for the Democrats?  
  • Its so important to pay attention to the primary races! 
  • If not Trump in 2024, who should be the Republican nominee?
  • Who will be the next Democrat to run for President? 

And so much more…


Contributor for RedState and LibertyNation. Co-Host of Red+Black Show and A Fresh Perspective Podcast. Jeff Charles is the host of “A Fresh Perspective” podcast and co-host of the Red + Black Show. Jeff is also a freelance writer and political contributor who has appeared on Fox Soul and the First TV Network. He enjoys reading, binging TV shows, learning to play the banjo (badly), and all things nerdy.

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