Only one thing is keeping America from becoming Australia

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Only one thing is keeping America from becoming Australia

Do you know what is going on in Melbourne, Australia? In an effort to protect the country from Covid-19, it has become a police state. Here are some tweets showing what the mainstream media is keeping from you.

Show your papers, or else!

If you protest lockdowns, you are branded a domestic terrorist.

If police see you not wearing a mask, extreme measures are allowed.

And being an elderly woman will not protect you from the police brutality.

You not only have to guard your body in Melbourne but, your wallet as well. If you violate one of their many Covid safety rules, your bank account will suffer.

And if you do comply, that is no guarantee that the police will not make a housecall.

I assure you that what I shared is only a glimpse of recent events in Australia that expand beyond Melbourne. When I look at the footage, I am grateful for the one thing that keeps America from becoming Australia, at least in the near term. We have a second amendment right to bear arms. A right so many on the left are fighting to take away.

If they are successful, how soon before America becomes Australia?

Not long at all.


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