114 – How To Listen To and Understand The Other Side

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114 – How To Listen To and Understand The Other Side

Today, I spoke to Jihan Varsicco who publishes The Flipside, a political newsletter that presents left and right opinion on social and political issues. Some of the questions I asked him were:

  • What is the Flipside?
  • What was the inspiration behind it?
  • Where is their true bipartisanship these days?
  • Are we mostly divided on political lines or ideological lines? (I mean, everyone is not hard left and hard right.)
  • What do you do with people who treat emotions as facts?
  • Is the culture at The Flipside toxic with so many opposing views?
  • How can we unite the country in such divisive times?
  • What would you say is the country’s most divisive issue right now?
  • What are some of your most popular newsletter issues?

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Jihan is the co-founder and conservative editor of The Flip Side. He has degrees in Political Science and Public Policy; he laments the extreme partisanship currently afflicting this country and hopes that The Flip Side can help create common understanding in order to bridge political divisions. 

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