We don’t need no education. We don’t need no mind control.

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We don’t need no education. We don’t need no mind control.

The lyrics from a certain Pink Floyd song go like this…

We don’t need no education

We don’t need no thought control

No dark sarcasm in the classroom

Teacher, leave them kids alone

I think about that song a lot these days when I see what is going on in some American schools. It is downright sinister in some respects and I am very concerned. Here are three recent stories about our school system that have me sighing in disbelief.

The Bigotry of Low Expectations

STUDENTS: Black students are dumber than white students. Such being the case, professors should lower the grading standards.

PROFESSOR: What if the student is of mixed race, say half-Asian and half-black? In that case, should I lower the standards only by half? Or should I give a full concession? Sorry, not sorry. I believe in the colorblind society of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

STUDENTS: You’re racist and should be fired. In fact, you need to be killed.

UNIVERSITY: Oh no! We don’t have enough tenured people of color or females for that matter. If we don’t fire this professor, people will think we are racists. (Death threats against the professor were not a concern.)

PUBLIC: What fresh hell is this? Woke culture has gone too far. We are offended and demand you rehire the professor.

3 weeks later… Professor has his job back. But it ain’t over.

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What does a domestic terrorist look like?

What if your school system was teaching your children to judge their peers based solely on the color of their skin? After learning of this, you are offended and decide to protest this curriculum at a local school board meeting. You are passionate but respectful, never threatening violence. You expect change because you elected the school board members and they work for you. Moreover, many parents agree with you and together your voices are loud and clear.

A logical assumption is that the school systems would listen to their constituents and make changes; for no other reason than to keep their jobs. What happens instead is that the National School Boards Association, a strong lobbyist in DC, complains to President Biden. Next thing you know, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating parents who have complained about what school systems are teaching their children. Now, is that right? Is that fair? It does not matter what you think, its happening. So, if anyone ever asks you what a domestic terrorist looks like, point to the mirror because they look a lot like you.

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There is NO Place for THIS in Any School

If you have not heard about the dangerous pedophile agenda encroaching the public school system I am not surprised. Some mainstream media outlets will hide such stories or place them in a sympathetic light. In fact, some on the left will go so far as to say such urges are a disorder but not a crime. Whereas those on the right have no sympathy for it at all. I proudly stand with the right on this issue. All personal feelings aside, it is undeniable that there is a campaign to normalize this stuff and its aimed at school children (and some college students). Here is one such example (NSFW: Not Safe For Work)

If you don’t want to hear the testimony, you can read the highlights of it here. And there are other examples, even more explicit than this, here and here and here and… I think you get the picture. Children are being robbed of their innocence and it sickens me to see it happen. I’m glad parents are standing up against it. Today they are heroes. Tomorrow, these same parents will be domestic terrorists in Joe Biden’s America. Just wait.

I am glad I do not have any school-aged children. I have great sympathy for the parents who do. If you can, homeschool your kids or move to a place where critical race theory and other leftist policies are challenged or banned. Of course, you can always avoid those areas where CRT is celebrated. In light of all this, you might find this “Joint Statement In Response to National School Board Association Accusation of Parents Engaging in ‘Domestic Terrorism’” of interest. (Thanks Cindy!)

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  • Specialization is a setup. Better to be a renaissance man.
  • The Secret Sauce to Educational Excellence: Freedom, Community and Service
  • Public schools seem resistant to what is obviously working well. Why?
  • Mandates are making things worse. Please stop them.
  • How not to burn students out. Tip #1, start later in the morning.
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