118 – Why do Blacks keep voting Democrat?

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118 – Why do Blacks keep voting Democrat?

Autry Pruitt is on mission to make Black America Republicans again by convincing 15% of Black Democrats to vote Republican. How will he accomplish that? Tune in to hear his plan, along with other topics sure to make your jaw drop and eyebrows raise in disbelief.  WARNING: There are a few naughty words in this episode.

Talking points:

  • Why do Blacks keep voting Democrat?
  • Does Hillary Clinton really keep hot sauce in her purse? Or, only during election season?
  • Black Lives Matter was used and abused in the last election cycle. Where are they now?
  • The bigotry of low expectations
  • The real reason why Jim Crow was invented.
  • Foreign born blacks do better in American than natural born blacks in America. Why?
  • How will you convince 15% of Black Democrats to turn Republican?
  • True change happens at the local level!
  • And so much more! Plus, shout-outs to Lebron James who missed a great opportunity to uplift the race and inspire us all.


Autry Pruitt is a conservative activist. In 2016, he served as a Trump campaign surrogate, and is an outspoken critic of President Obama and the Democratic Party. In 2018, Pruitt ran for Texas’ 21st Congressional District seat, ultimately losing in the Republican primary. In 2019, Pruitt and Rush Limbaugh producer James Golden co-founded New Journey PAC, which aims to “make Black Americans Republican again.” The PAC’s goal is to move 15 percent of the black vote from Democrat to Republican in key battleground states. Pruitt is also the author of Planes, Steak & Water: Defending Donald J. Trump.

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