A “Red wave” is coming! What can we expect in the meantime?

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A Red Wave is coming! What can we expect in the meantime?

While I was away, last week, something remarkable happened. Americans stood up to the WOKE left and fought back… bigly.

Blue state Virginia, turned Red.

Leftist candidates in liberal areas were defeated! (I’m looking at you Seattle and New Jersey.)

Extremely unwise policies, like defunding the police, took off like lead balloons.

Even the city of New York had a good night with the GOP partying like it was 2016 again.

Over on Fox News, Jesse Waters hailed those victories and others like it as a harbinger of things to come. Basically, the country is rebelling against the progressive WOKE agenda.

NBC anchor Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” said that Democrats are in “grave danger” of losing the House majority in the 2022 midterm election.

The mainstream media was not the only one to take notice of what happened last week and recognize that change was in the air. According to NBC News, a dozen House Democrats won’t run for reelection signaling midterm fears. Here is a quote…

Retirements in the House have become a hallmark of a party that is expecting to lose power. The logic is often the same: Why stick around and fight another re-election battle if your party won’t have any power come the next year?

The number of House Democrats who have already decided to retire or run for another office has steadily been increasing, compounding the party’s woes for next year’s midterm elections.

Further down the article it reads….

So far, roughly a dozen House Democrats have announced retirements or plans to run for a different office. But neither party expects that to be the end of the list.

The redistricting process that is underway in all 50 states is likely to motivate even more lawmakers to call it quits instead of running for re-election.

Further evidence of a “Red Wave” is indicative of the increasing unpopularity of President Biden. Consider this insight from “The Hill.

President Biden’s approval rating continued to sink in a new poll released on Sunday, following weeks of drama on Capitol Hill regarding his legislative agenda and the party’s losses in Virginia on Tuesday. 

The poll was conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University between Wednesday and Friday of last week, just before Democrats passed an infrastructure bill and advanced a social spending package. 

It found that Biden’s approval rating has fallen to 38 percent after it had been hovering in the low 40s in recent polls. 

One would think that if Americans are opposed to your policies, prudence would dictate that you shift your policies away from the far-left and move more towards the middle where the moderates abide. Instead, what I think I see, is a last ditch effort to get as many progressive agenda items accomplished as possible ahead of the Red Wave. As such, I fully expect to see more news stories like this in the very near future.

Amnesty for illegal migrants?

Migrants who came into the country illegally may be able to secure a five-year parole under a provision proposed in President Biden’s Build Back Better Act.

Hmm… That’s one way to turn Red States Blue!

The Biden administration is so desperate to keep Florida from getting redder that it is now smuggling ‘secret’ flights into the state packed with illegal aliens.

And what better way to keep the press pro-Democrat?

The reconciliation bill working its way through the U.S. House calls on the American taxpayer to subsidize Democrats’ media allies. The bill provides a special tax cut for the media under the guise of helping “local journalists” but eligible media companies will receive the funds for up to 1,500 reporters per company.

And why would you need to pay off the press?

I’m only guessing. Perhaps its so their $1.2 Trillion infrastructure spending bill won’t be scrutinized too closely. In case you are curious as to all the things that are in a bill that SUPPOSED to be about repairing roads and bridges, click here and be amazed and (possibly, maybe) angry at all the corruption. (“Tree equity” and taxation based on the miles you drive are among the best of the worst.)

Or, maybe its about the numerous Biden scandals that the White House just wants to go away. I spoke about five of them earlier this year or all the gaffes that have happened since or the silent but deadly gaffe that happened the other day.

Or, maybe you need them to convince the American people that Biden is in charge when clearly, he does not know what is going on in his administration.

Or, maybe they need the press to blatantly lie for candidates in danger of losing their political seats. In VA, parents were up in arms about Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught to their children. The issue was so inflammatory that it endangered Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe’s chances of being re-elected. So, he lied and said that CRT did not exist in VA schools and the news media backed him up.

And while the propaganda was in full-steam, the mainstream media neglected to look at the VA Department of Education’s website which openly promoted CRT despite McAuliffe’s claims that CRT had never been taught there. Christopher Rufo bore witness to this in the tweet below. Sigh.

I hope my predictions are wrong and more far-left progressive policies are not forced upon Americans in an effort to retain power. I hope that I am wrong about the press caring more about making Biden look good than sharing the truth about him; a luxury they did not afford the last administration. I hope I am wrong about the high likelihood of the media bearing false witness to make the Democrat party look good in the future. I really, really want to be wrong about all of these things. But, I doubt that I am.


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